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Hades: All Duo Boons List & How They Work

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Hades: All Duo Boons List & How They Work

As you make your way through the Underworld trying to look for an escape in Hades, you’ll be able to get Boons from various gods to enhance your abilities. However, you can also get even more powerful Boons to really give yourself an edge in combat. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Duo Boons work in Hades.

How Duo Boons Work in Hades

As the name suggests, Duo Boons are a kind of Boon that combines the effects of two different Boons from two gods. To unlock them, you’ll need the prerequisite Boons from the two gods first, and when you encounter either of those gods again, you have a chance of getting the Duo Boon as an offer.

So for instance, if you want the Curse of Longing Duo Boon, you’ll first need to unlock Heartbreak Strike from Aphodite and Curse of Agony from Ares for a chance to get it next. You can increase the chances of getting Duo Boons by using Keepsakes, or unlocking abilities from the Mirror of Night.

Duo Boons List

Listed below are all of the Duo Boons currently available in Hades:

  • Curse of Longing (Aphrodite + Ares): Your Doom effects continuously strike Weak foes.
  • Deadly Reversal (Artemis + Athena): After you deflect, briefly gain 20% chance to deal critical damage.
  • Exclusive Access (Dionysus + Poseidon): Any Boons you find have superior effects.
  • Heart Rend (Aphrodite + Artemis): Your critical hits do more damage to Weak enemies.
  • Hunting Blades (Ares + Artemis): Your Cast creates a faster Blade Rift that seeks the nearest foe.
  • Lightning Rod (Artemis + Zeus): Your collectible Bloodstones strike nearby foes every 1.5 seconds.
  • Lightning Phalanx (Athena + Zeus): Your Cast bounces between enemies.
  • Low Tolerance (Aphrodite + Dionysus): Your Hangover effects can stack even more times against Weak foes.
  • Merciful End (Ares + Athena): Your attacks that can deflect immediately activate Doom effects.
  • Scintillating Feast (Dionysus + Zeus): Your Festive Fod effects also deal lightning damage periodically.
  • Parting Shot (Aphrodite + Athena): Your Cast gains any bonuses you have for striking foes from behind.
  • Sweet Nectar (Aphrodite + Poseidon): All Poms of Power you find are more effective.
  • Sea Storm (Poseidon + Zeus): Your knock-away effects also cause foes to be struck by lightning.
  • Vengeful Mood (Ares + Zeus): Your Revenge effects sometimes occur without taking damage.
  • Ice Wine (Demeter + Dionysus): Your Cast blasts an area with freezing Festive Fog that inflicts Chill.
  • Crystal Clarity (Demeter + Artemis): Your Cast is stronger and tracks foes more effectively.
  • Blizzard Shot (Demeter + Poseidon): Your Cast moves slowly, piercing foes and firing shards around it.
  • Cold Fusion (Demeter + Zeus): Your Jolted effects do not expire when foes attack.
  • Unshakable Mettle (Athena + Poseidon): You cannot be stunned, and resist some damage from bosses.
  • Mirage Shot (Artemis + Poseidon): Your Cast fires a second projectile, though it has reduced damage.
  • Curse of Drowning (Ares + Poseidon): Your Cast is a pulse that deals damage to foes around you.
  • Stubborn Roots (Athena + Demeter): While you have no Stubborn Defiance, your life slowly recovers.
  • Cold Embrace (Aphrodite + Demeter): Your Cast crystal fires its beam directly at you for four seconds.
  • Smoldering Air (Aphrodite + Zeus): Your God Gauge charges up automatically, but is capped at 25%.
  • Curse of Nausea (Dionysus + Ares): Your Hangover effects deal damage faster.
  • Calculated Risk (Dionysus + Athena): Your foes’ ranged attack projectiles are slower.
  • Freezing Vortex (Ares + Demeter): Your Cast inflicts Chill, but is smaller and moves slower.
  • Splitting Headache (Dionysus + Artemis): Hangover-afflicted foes are more likely to take critical damage.

That’s all you need to know about how Duo Boons work in Hades. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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