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Borderlands 3 Fantastic Fustercluck: Who Is Krieg? Answered

Borderlands 3 Fantastic Fustercluck, Who Is Krieg? Answered

Borderlands 3 Fantastic Fustercluck: Who Is Krieg? Answered

Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with zany and eclectic characters, but Krieg the Vault Hunter-turned-Psycho stands out as a particularly lovable nut-job. If you’re newer to the series though, you may be unclear on who this raving lunatic is, raising the question: Who is Krieg in Borderlands 3’s Fantastic Fustercluck DLC?

Fortunately, we’ve dug through the character’s lore and have an answer for you.

Who is Krieg in Borderlands 3’s Fantastic Fustercluck DLC? Answered

To understand who Krieg is in Borderlands 3’s Fantastic Fuster Cluck DLC, it’s best to look back at his history within the wider series’ lore.

A DLC Vault Hunter added to Borderlands 2, Krieg was initially a more sane and grounded individual when he first came to Pandora. He sought to help those in need through his escapades, and amass valuable loot as he traveled the planet in search of the legendary Vaults.

He eventually found himself turned into a Psycho by the violence and madness around him. Unlike the run of the mill Psychos players would usually encounter though, he was able to retain part of his original personality, guiding his new self toward killing villains instead of the innocent.

This is how he came into contact with Maya, one of the core Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2. Though she viewed him as just another Psycho at first, he gained her trust by eliminating a group of enemies that tried to ambush her. The two then developed a friendship, with Krieg holding an unrequited love for her.

This continued into the third game, where Krieg reluctantly saw Maya off to her home planet. Though player’s never meet him in the base game, Echo Logs show that Maya’s leaving motivated him to isolate himself in Konrad’s Hold, where he was able to bring his calmer personality back to the surface in the hopes of showing Maya his true self someday.

What Is Krieg Doing in the DLC?

As for where Krieg is in Borderlands 3’s latest DLC, The Fantastic Fustercluck, it’s a bit complicated.

As shown by the game’s trailer, the DLC takes place within Krieg’s mind and provides a better glimpse at how his madness takes shape. This will likely give you the chance to see how he became a psycho and meet with a representation of his more grounded and sane side.

Likewise, it hasn’t been revealed how Krieg reacted to the news of Maya’s death in the base game, or if he even knows. Given that she appears in the trailer, it’s likely that this will be explored, leaving Krieg to either sink further into madness or finally reclaim his full grip on reality.

Hopefully this cleared up who Krieg is in Borderlands 3’s Fantastic Fustercluck DLC. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on who Gaige from the second DLC is and who Timothy Lawrence from the first DLC is.

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