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Among Us: How to Get Hats

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Among Us: How to Get Hats

Among Us is a murder mystery game where everyone involved is trying to survive on a spaceship as a crew member or as an impostor trying to kill them all. While the main goal of the game is to win, there are plenty of other cosmetic features that’ll take up your time, too. Here is everything you need to know about how to get hats in Among Us.

How to Get Hats in Among Us

Depending on whether you play Among Us on PC or mobile, there are different options when it comes to getting different hats.

On PC, all headwear is free since you paid for the game. For mobile users, you can purchase hats and packs, ranging from between $0.99 and $2.99 USD, to unlock specific items.

You can purchase hats at the computer terminal before the game starts. This is the same area you’ll go to put on any of the customization items you’ve already purchased.

Below, we will go into detail breaking down what headwear comes with what packs.

Free Hats

Party HatFree
Toilet PaperFree
Flat CapFree
Safari HatFree
Sheriff HatFree
Backwards Cap HatFree
Ski Goggles HatFree
Black Fedora HatFree
Banana HatFree
Beanie HatFree
Medical MaskFree
Bear Ears HatFree
Cheese HatFree
Apple HatFree
Green Fedora HatFree
Egg HatFree
Flamingo HatFree
Flower HatFree
Knight HelmetFree
Plant HatFree
Sun HatFree
2019 Yellow Party Hat (Holidays)Free
Cat Head Hat (Halloween)Free
Bat Ears Hat (Halloween)Free
Knife Hat (Halloween)Free
Mohawk (Halloween)Free
Devil Horns Hat (Halloween)Free
Hockey Mask (Halloween)Free
Pirate Hat (Halloween)Free
Plague Doctor Mask (Halloween)Free
Pumpkin Hat (Halloween)Free
Paper Bag Hat (Halloween)Free
Witch Hat (Halloween)Free
Wolf Ears Hat (Halloween)Free

In-Game Purchase (Individually)

Brain Slug$0.99
Bush Hat$0.99
Captain (Includes Hat)$1.99
Double Top Hat$0.99
Flowerpot Hat$0.99
Mechanic (Includes Hat)$1.99
Military (Includes Hat)$1.99
Paper Hat$0.99
Party Hat$0.99
Police (Includes Hat)$1.99
Stethoscope (Includes Skin)$1.99
Suit (Incudes Hat)$1.99
Towel Wizard$0.99
Wall Cap (Includes Skin)$1.99
White Suit (Includes Hat)$1.99

Variety Packs

Unlike the individual items above, Among Us does have packs that can be bought that come with more than a just hat for a similar price point. The following packs contain these items, with prices varying.

2018 Holiday Bundle ($2.99)

  • Candy Cane
  • Elf
  • Garland
  • Present
  • Antlers
  • Christmas
  • Snowman
  • Christmas Tree

MIRA HQ Skin Bundle ($1.99)

  • MIRA Hazmat Mask
  • MIRA Security Cap
  • Landing Headset

1M Downloads Bundle

  • Crown
  • Eyebrows
  • Angel Halo
  • Green Elf Cap
  • Snorkel and Goggles
  • Stickmin Figure (Pointing forwards)
  • Eyeball Lamp
  • Top Hat

How to Get Halloween Hats

With Halloween fast approaching, many want to add some spooky headwear to their characters. To do so, you’d usually have to wait until the actual day and add them then.

There is a workaround to access them earlier, though, requiring you to adjust the date and time to October 10, 2019, 11:59 PM. This can be done on your PC in the taskbar and on your phone in settings via the adjust date and time sections.

Be sure to turn off the option to set time automatically. Lastly, set the time manually by clicking the Change button.

Once you do this, all you have to do is wait till 12 in-game for a public match, then quit out. Create a new game and open the computer and you’ll see the new hats will have appeared for free.

And that is everything you need to know about how to get hats in Among Us. If you still have questions about character customization, gameplay, or any other guide related inquires, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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