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Spiritfarer: How to Get Fat

Spiritfarer, How to Get Fat

Spiritfarer: How to Get Fat

There are a variety of different cooking materials you can acquire in Spiritfarer, but some are harder to track down than others. In particular, oils and other fat-based materials can leave you twisting in the wind when you first try to track them down, which is why we’re here to help with a guide on how to get fat in Spiritfarer.

How to Get Fat in Spiritfarer

As with other materials in Spiritfarer, fats are made available after you’ve encountered a specific Spirit and constructed a new building for them.

During the second half of the game, you’ll encounter a Spirit pair known as Bruce and Mickey. After convincing them to board your ship and progressing their quest line, they’ll give you the blueprint for the Crusher building, which requires seven Pulsar Ingots, 15 Ash Planks and five Zinc Ingots.

Once the Crusher is constructed, you’ll be able to crush certain vegetables and plants like sunflowers and olives to produce different oils that can be used as fats. There are several areas where you can find these crushable plants, and you can also plant them in the proper facilities on your ship so long as you have seeds for them.

What You Can Do With Fats

As for what you can do with fats in Spiritfarer, their uses are mainly restricted to cooking and cooking-related quests.

By pairing fats with different foods, you can make a variety of meals that require frying or a heavier taste. In particular, you’ll need fats to cook Fried Chicken as a food request for a Spirit, and won’t be able to fully progress their questline until you do.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to get fat in Spiritfarer. For more on the game, check out our other guides on hot topics like how to meditate and how to get Aluminum.

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