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Paper Mario: The Origami King Glitch Can Ruin Your Completionist Run

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Paper Mario: The Origami King Glitch Can Ruin Your Completionist Run

Yikes! Another glitch or “bug” has been found by a Paper Mario: The Origami King player. Spotted by Sergiomonty (via GoNintendo), this glitch can ruin your chance at getting 100% completion by messing with your enemy compendium.

We won’t go into spoiler territory or anything since Paper Mario: The Origami King is such a narrative-heavy gameplay experience (not), but essentially, there will come a point in the story when you’re asked to defeat two black-colored Shy Guys.

If you fight them and manage to knock them out successfully, everything will be fine, as the enemy will be added to the compendium just like usual but if your battle partner, Captain T. Ode, gets the final hit then the data will not be added to the appropriate section of the compendium.

It’s not a game-breaking bug by any means, but it could turn into an issue for completionists who aren’t aware of the little glitch.

This is how the Shy Guy looks by the way:

Source: GoNintendo

If you have yet to reach this point in the story, just make sure that your partner doesn’t get the final blow on those Shy Guys! Hopefully, Nintendo can implement a patch or update soon to address the issue.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is now available for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our rankings of the best bosses from the franchise right here or you can see what we think is the best game in the series.

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