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New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art, Early Footage, & Details Shown During ONL

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New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art, Early Footage, & Details Shown During ONL

New information on BioWare’s hotly-anticipated next Dragon Age game was presented during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live today.

A four-minute video sequence takes us behind the scenes of the game’s development, showcasing concept art, early footage of environments and combat, and various clips of voice actors recording lines.

There’s also plenty of supporting commentary from various members of the development team regarding the conceptualization of the game’s story beats and themes.

Fans of the series who have been waiting six years for a follow up to 2014’s brilliant Inquisition will find plenty to get excited about, but it does, unfortunately, seem as though Dragon Age 4 is still a long way off a release.

This is the first we’ve heard from the game since 2018 when a very brief teaser trailer was showcased during The Game Awards, and it doesn’t look as though all that much progress has been made, at least based on how early in development it appears to be from today’s footage.

A report back in 2018 suggested Dragon Age 4 was three years away from release, but it seems very unlikely what we saw today will be ready for prime time next year.

What we can at least confirm is that Solas is back — something that was alluded to during the 2018 teaser but remained unconfirmed until now. As you’ll see below, the actors behind the game’s cast can be seen recording lines, which includes the Elven made.

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