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Madden 21: How to Shift Linebackers Pre-Snap

Linebackers Pre-Snap

Madden 21: How to Shift Linebackers Pre-Snap

Madden 21 is here and for the most part, it’s the same ol’ football sim experience that you’ve grown to know and (hopefully) love over the last few decades. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how you can shift the direction of your linebackers (LBs) pre-snap. Every adjustment matters in the NFL so here’s how you can pull that off and get your defensive alignment just perfect.

How to Shift Linebackers Pre-Snap in Madden 21

In Madden 21, you can make a whole bunch of pre-snap adjustments on both offense and defense. It can get a bit overwhelming in fact as you try and dig through the various pre-snap menus in just a few short seconds before your opponent snaps the ball.

Fortunately, shifting linebackers pre-snap in Madden 21 is one of the easier things you can do once you know exactly where it’s located within the menu.

To shift your linebackers pre-snap, simply press right on the d-pad to select linebackers and then press the left analog stick in the direction that you want the linebackers to shift into.

This will queue the LBs on your defense to adjust in that general direction and if the ball goes in that direction they should, in theory, be able to react quicker and get to where they need to be to stop the offense in their tracks.

Keep in mind though, that if you guess wrong you could be setting your LBs up to be in the hole after the ball is snapped. You should reserve this adjustment when you have an idea of where the ball is going based on the alignment of the offense or because your opponent is continuously going in the same direction.

That’s all you need to know for how to shift linebackers pre-snap in Madden 21. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered for Madden 21, be sure to check out our wiki guide which is filled with helpful guides.

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