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Madden 21: How to Play House Rules in The Yard


Madden 21: How to Play House Rules in The Yard

Madden 21 introduces a brand new game mode called The Yard, and it’s one of the most unique new additions to be added to the series in quite some time. One of the key features of The Yard are the different locations that you can play on. In this guide we’ll go over house rules and how to play with different house rules in Madden 21’s The Yard.

How to Play House Rules in Madden 21

The Yard is not a standard game of Madden football. Instead of the traditional 11 on 11 game played in real-life, The Yard resembles backyard football that families and friends might play for fun during a holiday or at a tailgate. As a result the rules are, obviously, very different.

Each field you play on has its own set of house rules curated by EA. In order to play with the various house rules what you need to do is change up the field that you pick when you go to play in The Yard.

Playing against the CPU generally revolves around various challenges and completing this challenges on the different yards that you have access to will unlock new yards with new house rules.

Then, when you go to play head to head against other players you can select The Yard that you want to play your game on and be matched with other players who wish to do the same. Each has their own different set of rules.

For example, Lambeau Field and the F.O.B. Nico Field feature 6 on 6 yard-style football and a pass rush timer of one second. On F.O.B. Nico, though, each side gets one drive, while on Lambeau Field each side gets three drives. In Miami the pass rush timer gets switched up.

That’s all you need to know about how to change out house rules in The Yard for Madden 21. Unlock more fields throughout the year and experiment playing under different conditions.

For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered for Madden 21, be sure to check out our wiki guide which is filled with helpful guides.

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