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The Hardest Black Mirror Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Black mirror trivia quiz

The Hardest Black Mirror Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Black Mirror is one of the most gripping and immersive TV shows you can watch right now, and it’s all on Netflix, which makes it all the better. Charlie Brooker’s dark sci-fi TV is an anthology of tales that are all based around how technology can impact our lives in the future. Some are slightly more positive than others, but for the most part, it’s pretty bleak viewing.

While we know that Brooker and Co. are hard at work on more Black Mirror episodes, we don’t know how long we’ll have to wait until we finally get to watch them.

So what better way to whittle away the time than to test your Black Mirror trivia knowledge. Down below, you’ll find 15 questions asking you very specific bits of trivia based on the entire five seasons. You’ll need to know the plots and fine details inside and out if you want to get full marks, so best brush up before you begin!

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The Hardest Black Mirror Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Starting off easy, how many episodes are there?
Which episode did Robert Downey Jr buy the rights of to turn into a movie?
What font is used for the Black Mirror Logo?
How many episodes has the song “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” been in?
In the episode “Playtest” what is Cooper’s last name?
What is the name of the competition in “Fifteen Million Merits”?
What is the name of the restaurant that Kenny works at in the episode “Shut Up and Dance?”
Where was the episode ‘San Junipero’ actually shot?
What is the name of the Smithereens CEO?
Which episode features a protagonist called Victoria Skillane?
In the episode “Crocodile,” what color coat was the woman wearing that the dentist saw?
In the episode “Nosedive,” what rating does Lacie need to be part of the Prime Flight Programme to get on the standby flight?
Who is the Proprietor of the Black Museum?
How was Ash killed in ‘Be Right Back’?
In the episode ‘The Entire History of You,’ how many cases has Liam’s associate firm won?
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