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Fairy Tail: How to Get Law Trophy

Fairy Tail Law trophy

Fairy Tail: How to Get Law Trophy

While the trophy list in Fairy Tail isn’t all that tough, there are plenty of trophies that give so little information that figuring them out is harder than unlocking them. This trophy is probably the worst offender, so here’s how to the the Law trophy in Fairy Tail.

The Law trophy description reads “Activated Mavis’ Law” and that’s it, no further information.

How to Get the Law Trophy in Fairy Tail

Mavis’ Law is an Extreme Magic finisher used in Magic Chain that you should have got towards the end of the Epilogue and is what gets you the Law trophy.

Getting the Extreme Magic finishers are a little random, as each link in the chain has a chance for one to pop up (using circle to activate). With Mavis’ Law, your best bet is using an Extreme Magic finisher as late as you can get in your chain without it ending. You can check how long your chain will go under View Magic Chain in the Magic tab of the touchpad menu.

Considering you have other high powered Extreme Magic finishers, it’s possible Mavis’ Law won’t be something you can get immediately. If you get through your chain without getting Extreme Magic or you get the wrong finisher, simply use Link Hunt to get your Fairy Gauge back up until you can use another one.

By now you should have the library at near if not max remodel, this will help you fill the Fairy Gauge faster.

A chain over 10 has the best chance for a finisher to be Mavis’ Law, getting you the Law trophy.

To summarize getting Law trophy in Fairy Tail

  1. The Law trophy description says “Activate Mavis’ Law.”

  2. Check your Extreme Magic under the Magic tab in the menu to make sure you have Law unlocked. It should be unlocked by the time you are halfway through the Epilogue.

  3. Start a chain when the Fairy Gauge is full in a battle and get your chain to at least 10 and use an Extreme Magic finisher if you get the option for the best chance.

That’s all you need to know for how to get the Law trophy in Fairy Tail. For those interested, our Fairy Tail review can be found here, or search Twinfinite for more on the game.

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