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Can You Finish These Chandler Bing Friends Quotes?

chandler quotes friends

Can You Finish These Chandler Bing Friends Quotes?

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, and if you’re a fan of the characters like we are, then you must have a well of knowledge in your head that’s specifically sectioned off for iconic quotes.

Yup, this 10-question trivia quiz will test your Chandler Bing knowledge and it’ll be pretty difficult to finish all of these quotes from him but I have faith that you all can do well!

Oh, and if you end up liking this quiz, be sure to check out our quiz section right here. We even have some more Friends quizzes too!

Let’s begin, shall we?

We’ll see who’s a true Chandler fan and who’s a phony fan.

(All images via Warner Bros.)

Can You Finish These Chandler Bing Quotes from Friends?

I think this is the episode of _______________ when there's some kind of misunderstanding
Gunther: "What's my last name?" Chandler: _____________
I'm sorry man, there's never a good time to have to _____________
Joe, that's why your parents told you not to _______________________
Well, it's not like I went to _________ !
Why can't we savor the precious moments --____________________
It's an electric drill! You get me, you __________________
Wow, that's lucky. What if her name was ______________________
Run away from crazy ______ man!
Her ___________ is what you're watching?
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