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ANNO: Mutationem Release Window Announced

Anno Mutationem State of Play

ANNO: Mutationem Release Window Announced

2D action sidescroller ANNO: Mutationem finally has a release window as announced during State of Play. Fans of the game’s 2D combat and 3D exploration can expect it to release sometime in December 2020.

While plenty has been revealed, there is never too much for the game. We have covered plenty, from the seriously awesome switch in perspectives to the RPG elements.

The game was first announced through Sony’s China Hero Project back in March and dev ThinkingStars has absolutely not been shy in showing it off since then. All of the attention makes much more sense with this new release news.

This is the description given on

The developers of ANNO: Mutationem are composed of a bunch of veterans and youngsters full of enthusiasm in console game development field. With the combination of the pixel art style and the cyberpunk elements, those hardcore action game lovers strike up the world of ANNO: Mutationem.

ANNO: Mutationem set up a near future Metropolis after the catastrophy. Moreover, they’ve introduced the famous open-sourced work series “SCP Foundation” in to the world of ANNO: Mutationem, to mix the creative ideas of authors from all over the world.

After the release of the concept video of ANNO: Mutationem, the project quickly gained a lot of attention and support from a large number of players. And the continual communication and interaction with the players is also a typical feature of the ANNO: Mutationem team in their develop procedure.

From the abandoned ruins of a former giant city to the bustling street in the Metropolis. The developers of ANNO: Mutationem hope to provide a refreshing combat experience and rich exploration in the world of ANNO: Mutationem.

You can see the footage seen during State of Play here and below, be ready for some cyberpunk action and certainly stylish action:

ANNO: Mutationem is coming to PS4 with a just announced PC release coming sometime this December.

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