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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Very Briefly Teased by Ustwo Games

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Teased

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Very Briefly Teased by Ustwo Games

In an extremely brief trailer during the Summer Game Fest stream’s Day of the Devs section, developer Ustwo Games revealed Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Ustwo Games is also behind the Monument Valley mobile games.

Brief is no joke, the Alba: A Wildlife Adventure trailer barely clocks in at 30 seconds, you blink and it’s already over. With trailers like this, eagle-eyed viewers are tasked with picking it apart to figure out what clues are hiding.

You can see the trailer here and below:

We can guess the game will be located on a trashed out island (based on a news clipping) in the Mediterranean based on a book of fauna. While pure speculation, a newspaper headline of “Girls start a wildlife league” with two girls on the cover might even mean the game might possibly have co-op.

Outside of “coming soon,” nothing is said for a potential release date. However, it will be released on a wide array on Apple platforms, such as iOS, MacOS, tv OS, as well as the expected PC and consoles. Consoles aren’t named but it’s a big deal as Ustwo Games has yet to release a console game.

You can see Summer Game Fest (and the Day of the Devs) stream here. Day of the Devs was announced to be returning in August.

Other big announcements are Tsukuyomi coming to Smite and Rogue Company closed beta releasing today.

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