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Last of Us 2: Are There Multiple Endings? Answered (Spoiler Free)

last of us 2 multiple endings

Last of Us 2: Are There Multiple Endings? Answered (Spoiler Free)

The Last of Us 2 has finally arrived on PS4 and tells the next chapter in the story of Joel and Ellie from the 2013 title. Now settled in Jackson, Wyoming, the two have joined a thriving community, but outside of the walls violence and infected still run riot. Inevitably, Ellie gets herself embroiled in all of this and goes on a quest for vengeance. Along the way, players may have to make different decisions and as such some players may be wondering whether The Last of Us 2 has multiple endings.

Now, down below, we’re going to answer that question for you. In doing so, we’re not going to share any specific story details, but whether or not there are multiple endings may be considered a spoiler to some. If you don’t want to know the answer, turn back now. If you do, rest assured we’re not going to tell you anything that happens in the game’s story while giving you the answer.

Does Last of Us 2 Have Multiple Endings?

No, The Last of Us 2 only has the one ending regardless of what choices you may make along the way.

Once you’re done with your playthrough, you will unlock New Game Plus mode which allows you to carry your progress over and start the adventure again. It also unlocks some new, tougher difficulty modes to help balance out the challenge for you.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not The Last of Us 2 has multiple endings. Looking for more on The Last of Us 2? You can head over to our guide wiki or check out more of our coverage below.

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