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Last of Us 2 Multiplayer: Everything You Need to Know

last of us 2 multiplayer

Last of Us 2 Multiplayer: Everything You Need to Know

One of the PS4’s most anticipated games is finally upon us; The Last of Us Part II is a sequel fans have been clamoring for ever since the dramatic conclusion of its predecessor way back in 2013. Although, it isn’t just the excellent story content that some have been looking forward to. Here’s everything you need to know about The Last of Us Part II’s multiplayer content.

For those who remember the original game’s multiplayer, it isn’t hard to understand why it’s such a hotly requested feature. Despite not at all being its main focus, it was actually extremely well done.

As a quick recap, The Last of Us’ multiplayer features three different modes –Survivors, Supply Raid, Interrogators–, each pitting eight players against each other in a deathmatch either as individuals or a team. In all cases, players chose an avatar representing either the Hunters or Fireflies factions. Maps were modified versions of levels from the single-player storyline.

Does The Last of Us Part 2 Have Multiplayer? Answered

Originally, Naughty Dog had stated that something similar to the Factions multiplayer from the first game would be coming back for The Last of Us Part II. However, while that is still the case, the studio later clarified it won’t be ready at launch.

Indeed, The Last of Us Part II will not feature any multiplayer when it releases, and we have yet to receive details on whether planned future content will be added as DLC or a standalone experience.

Our hunch would be that it’ll be patched into the game in some major update, possibly six months to a year down the line. Although, we’ve seen companies like Capcom design standalone multiplayer modes such as Resident Evil Resistance. Either way, it seems highly unlikely Sony would charge owners of The Last of Us Part II.

For now, that’s everything we know about whether The Last of Us Part II has multiplayer. For more useful information on the game, Twinfinite has you covered with an extensive guide wiki.

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