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The Hardest Twilight Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

twilight trivia quiz

The Hardest Twilight Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

The Twilight book/film franchise was the definition of pop culture when it was first introduced into the world back in 2005 and it still remains a household name to this day.

Are you a big fan of Bella and her journey that takes place in the rainy town of Forks, Washington? Are you someone who is vocal about being either on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Do you have a knack for remembering the oddest pieces of trivia?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this Twilight trivia quiz is definitely for you.

It’s time to strut your knowledge of this iconic franchise! Let’s find out if you’re a true fan or not.

(All images via Summit Entertainment)

The Hardest Twilight Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

When was Edward Cullen born?
How old is Bella in the first Twilight?
What do Edward and Bella look at under the microscope in science class?
What year did Edward turn into a vampire?
What was the prom theme in the first Twilight?
School mascot?
Robert Pattinson's favorite book in the series is 'New Moon.'
Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) had to wear colored eye contacts throughout the entire series.
What colors are the Cullen's eyes if they haven't eaten in a while?
On Edward and Bella's honeymoon, what is Bella obsessed with?
What type of car does Edward buy for Bella when her truck breaks down?
When Jacob was "sick" during his wolf transformation, what excuse did Billy Black make for him to tell Bella?
Which animal is in the Cullen family crest?
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