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Little Nightmares Hits 2 Million Sales; Stadia Version Incoming


Little Nightmares Hits 2 Million Sales; Stadia Version Incoming

The puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares has today reached a new milestone today; Bandai Namco has announced the game has sold two million copies worldwide. Further, Little Nightmares is to be made available on Google Stadia Pro from June 1, with the “Secrets of Maw” DLC available for purchase separately.

Members of the publishing team at Bandai Namco celebrated the news today in a press release sent to Twinfinite. Herve Hoerdt, Senior Vice President of digital marketing & content at Bandai Namco Europe said:

“Being part of the journey for Little Nightmares, from its beginnings to this great milestone has been incredible.

It is a testament of our capability to create great franchises that manage to achieve success and interest, not only in the video games sector, but also entertainment as a whole. And while this milestone is important, this is only the beginning”

While Lucas Roussel, producer on Little Nightmares, also added:

“It has been amazing to see this new franchise come to life with the reactions and support from the fans. With Google Stadia, even more players will be able to play the game and this community will continue growing. We are fully focused on Little Nightmares II and can’t wait to tell fans more about the game this summer.”

Developed by Tarsier Studios, Little Nightmares is renunciant of Playdead’s Inside, with a similar side-scrolling 2.5D design and focus stealth gameplay. Its story tells the tale of a young child named Six as she attempts to escape the Maw, a ship full of evil residents and dangerous traps.

You can read Twinfinite’s review of the game for our impressions on the original PC release.

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