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6 Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Game


6 Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Game

Few franchises can claim to have created as many beloved characters as Star Wars can. From iconic, universally recognizable characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to more obscure faces like IG-88 and Max Rebo, every character has their fans.

Why is it then, that the Star Wars franchise has so few character-specific video games when there are so many promising options to choose from?

We think it’s about time Star Wars expanded its horizons in the video gaming market, and we have some suggestions we’d like to pitch. Here are six Star Wars characters that deserve their own spinoff game.

Boba Fett

Star Wars character Boba Fett

The ever-popular bounty hunter Boba Fett has had a rough time of it in video games, with the starring role always eluding him in favor of other characters.

Even his dad, Jango Fett, managed to headline a game with 2002’s Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, but poor Boba’s planned game, Star Wars 1313, was given the axe during Disney’s acquisition of the series.

Given the outcry after 1313’s cancellation, you’d think a new Boba Fett game would be a no-brainer, but nothing has surfaced.

While the possibilities for a Boba Fett game are endless, a Hitman-style bounty hunting title sounds like a perfect fit.

Think about it: stalking your bounty through iconic Star Wars locales packed with all sorts of aliens while you decide which gadget is the best way to eliminate your target.

Sign us up.

Jyn Erso

Star Wars character Jyn Erso

One of the highlights of Rogue One was its strong central cast, headlined by intergalactic espionage criminal Jyn Erso.

While Rogue One’s circumstances don’t really give a lot of leeway for sequels starring the characters, there’s plenty of room for prequels to be centered around its ragtag group of rebel heroes.

Jyn Erso especially makes for a compelling case to lead a solo game, particularly if the title in question were a stealth-based one. Stealth has always been a large part of Star Wars, from Obi-Wan sneaking around the Death Star to Rey escaping Starkiller Base.

It’s high time a Star Wars game focused on this aspect of the series, and a game centered on the crimes that led to Jyn’s arrest at the beginning of Rogue One is the way to do it.

Admiral Ackbar

Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar’s screentime in the series may be brief, but his striking and memorable design and meme-worthy quotes have made him a fan favorite nonetheless.

While he might not be quite so important in the films, he’s given much more focus in supplementary content like comics and novels, so there’s plenty of content to draw from.

An Admiral Ackbar game requires a bit more imagination than most, as his rank usually means he’s not on the front lines. However, that very rank makes him an ideal candidate to be the protagonist of an RTS title.

Commanding the production of resources and military maneuvers is right up Ackbar’s alley and would give him the opportunity to finally lay a few traps of his own.

Han Solo

6 Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Game

No points for originality on this one — everyone and their Wookie would go nuts over a Han Solo game. Han’s one of the breakout stars of the franchise as a whole and managed to get his own solo movie, but somehow, has never managed to headline a videogame of his own when so many other Star Wars characters have.

What gives?

The way a Han Solo game would work also pretty much writes itself. Harrison Ford also played Indiana Jones, and Sony’s Uncharted franchise has drawn comparisons to Indiana Jones since its inception, so why not make the obvious call.

An Uncharted-style adventure game following Han Solo and Chewbacca on their always-dangerous smuggling missions is almost too perfect.

Darth Maul

While opinions on the prequel trilogy are… mixed, to say the least, Darth Maul is generally agreed on as being one of its most memorable characters.

Disney seems to agree, seeing as how they’ve canonized the Sith Lord’s long-speculated survival in Solo. However, Maul, unfortunately, joins Boba Fett in the category of characters with canceled games, as a solo title for him also went under during the Disney buyout.

Considering his popularity, giving the demonic Sith a second chance at a game feels apt.

There’s a lot of time between Maul’s “death” in Phantom Menace and his Solo reappearance – plenty of time during which a Maul-centric game could take place.

An action game is the obvious choice, but considering Maul managed to stay in the shadows for decades, perhaps something closer to the Batman Arkham titles is the right fit.

Ahsoka Tano


It’s not often that characters from animated spin-offs become popular enough to be integrated into the main live-action franchise, but Ahsoka Tano has done just that.

Not only was she given a cameo role in Rise of Skywalker, but she’s also been cast for the second season of The Mandalorian. Clearly, the time is ripe for Ahsoka to headline her own game.

A combat-focused title centered on her unique dual-lightsaber fighting style makes the most sense, but it’s the story that’s most exciting about Ahsoka.

The game could begin with her exile in the Clone Wars era, and continue into her time during the Empire era. Few characters can boast the ability to cover such a large portion of the Star Wars saga, and Ahsoka would give players the ability to see its key moments from an all-new angle.

And there you have it! Our picks for which Star Wars characters we want to see spinoffs about. But we’re also interested in your thoughts – did we miss the obvious Max Rebo rhythm game, or is General Grievous your ideal videogame protagonist? Let us know in the comments below!

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