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Pokemon’s Johto Region Wonderfully Recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Pokemon’s Johto Region Wonderfully Recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Pokemon Gold and Silver’s Johto Region that was introduced in Gen 2 is full of iconic locales that are embedded into the minds of Poke-veterans everywhere, such as the bug-catching park, the Lake of Rage that is home to a Shiny Gyrados, and the first route after New Bark Town. And of course, a big-time fan has recreated several moments from the Johto region in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It’s honestly ridiculous how spot on it all is.

You can watch the video down below! Prepare to have your socks blown off:

Not only do they have an adorable Cyndaquil outfit, but you can see a bunch of sprite-based artwork around the town that’s taken straight out of the classic Game Boy games –there’s even a Snorlax and Sudowoodo!

One of the most impressive parts of the Animal Crossing video for me was the portrayal of Lake of Rage, with a picture of Gyrados inside of it. And the addition of nostalgic Gold and Silver tunes in the background just adds so much to the video.

It’s always nice to see fans of other gaming franchises bringing their favorite things into their Animal Crossing island. Some other neat recreations have popped up over these last few weeks like this one of Hyrule from A Link to the Past or this one of Pallet Town from Pokemon’s Kanto Region.

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