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Ninjala’s Open Beta on Switch Is off to a Rough Start

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Ninjala’s Open Beta on Switch Is off to a Rough Start

Ninjala, the Switch game that I like to describe as a free-to-play battle royale game with major Splatoon vibes, is currently in the midst of its first open beta before the launch next month and things aren’t going so smoothly for players.

The action game from GungHo Online is open now to the public in the form of a downloadable open beta but playtimes are restrictive, taking place today and tomorrow during very specific periods of time, as you can see below:

April 28, 12:00-12:59
April 28, 20:00-20:59
April 29, 04:00-04:59

April 28, 20:00-20:59
April 29, 04:00-04:59
April 29, 12:00-12:59

April 28, 21:00-21:59
April 29, 05:00-05:59
April 29, 13:00-13:59

The first play session for Ninjala opened up around 3 PM EST today and lots of players have been tweeting about multiple error codes and frustrating disconnections. I myself jumped into the beta around 3:45 and for some odd reason, the game told me that the beta is not currently in session.

Here’s what’s been happening to some players and some hilarious memes that have come out of this situation:

Call back to the messy Splatoon 2 global testfire back in 2017:

Shortly after the gameplay session, the official Twitter account for Ninjala announced that the servers will have to go down for emergency maintenance and that they apologize to all Ninjala users for the inconvenience.

The next session is still set to take place around 11 PM EST, so hopefully, players can jump in and try out the free-to-play title without facing any errors or disconnection issues.

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