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Nioh 2: How to Forge and Craft Items

Nioh 2 How to Forge

Nioh 2: How to Forge and Craft Items

In Nioh 2, sometimes hoping for good loot drops from enemies just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you can’t just leave the entirety of your fate up to the RNG. That’s where forging and crafting comes into play. Here’s how to forge and craft in Nioh 2.

How to Forge and Craft Items in Nioh 2

First things first, the Blacksmith needs to be unlocked for forging and crafting to become available. You’ll meet her in the second main mission, and once you complete the mission, the Blacksmith option will be added to the “Starting Point” menu on the world map.

Obtaining Required Materials

After unlocking the Blacksmith, gathering required materials is the next step in knowing how to forge in Nioh 2. Using the Forge option in the Blacksmith menu, you can craft weapons, armor, and miscellaneous tools. Every item that you want to craft will have a list of required materials needed to create it.

Nioh 2 How to Forge Materials

These materials can be obtained in a few ways, which include defeating enemies, disassembling items, completing missions, or even performing resting rites on Soul Cores. Performing resting rites can provide items that you weren’t lucky enough to get by simply defeating an enemy.

Forging & Crafting

Every time you select a weapon or piece of armor to forge, the RNG elements return. The rarity level of the items is left somewhat up to chance, but using rare materials when crafting increases the chances of an item being forged with a high rarity level.

You can pick and choose the rarity of the crafting materials used when forging, which can have an effect on the results. Finding Smithing Texts will allow you to forge even better weapons as well. They unlock new items to forge, and are automatically given to the Blacksmith upon visiting her.

Nioh 2 How to Forge Rarity

That’s everything you’ll need to know about how to forge and craft in Nioh 2. Hopefully the RNG is kind to you and your creations. If you’re looking for any more tips, check out our Guide Wiki and these other guides below:

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