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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Gorgeous Screenshots & Info on Characters, Places, Leviathan & More

Final Fantasy VII Remake (49)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Gorgeous Screenshots & Info on Characters, Places, Leviathan & More

Today Square Enix released a large batch of new screenshots and information about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4.

Today Square Enix released a large batch of new screenshots and information about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

First of all, we get to see a few relevant characters that we’ll meet in the upcoming game.

We start with Tseng, leader of the Turks.

The Turks are a small, elite organization with Shinra that does everything the company needs it to – be it scouting out candidates for SOLDIER, protecting VIPs, or even assassination.

Their cool-headed leader has a knack for managing his eccentric subordinates. He’s an old acquaintance of Aerith’s, and has been keeping watch over her since she moved to the slums.

Next is Don Corneo.

“This lecherous scumbag is the true ruler of Wall Market. He hosts nightly auditions for the “next Mrs. Corneo” and although his mouth is as foul as his face, he has an uncanny way with people – even the dregs of society are securely under his thumb.”

Andrea Rhodea is the owner of the Honeybee Inn.

“The owner of – and dancer at – the Honeybee Inn is a man of influence within the quarter, with the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. Each night, he dazzles his crowd with performances that defy description. Always seeking perfection, he rigorously trains both his mind and body.”ù

Leslie Kyle is one of Don Corneo’s lackeys.

“Don Corneo’s lackey may look young, but he has the heart of an old curmudgeon. His dead-eyed stare and general apathy have earned him pride of place among the don’s men.”

Madam M owns a hand-massage parlor in Wall Market.

“Madam M is the proprietress of a hand-massage parlor in Wall Market. Like Andrea, she has a great deal of influence within the quarter – that includes the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. Be warned that she’s a prideful sort, and only as courteous as her customers are deep-pocketed.”

Chocobo Sam is also part of Don Corneo’s entourage.

“A Chocobo handler in Wall Market, Chocobo Sam is another prominent figure with the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. He runs a delivery service called Sam’s Delivery. He also happens to be an avid gambler – though he’s hooked more on the rush than any money he may win.”

Next, we get to see Barrett’s combat skills.

His gun arm makes him an ideal long-ranged fighter. Push the square button, and Barret will fire a volley from his machine gun. You can also hold down the button for an extended salvo.

If you press the triangle button, you can use Barret’s “Overcharge” attack. Not only is it more powerful than standard shots, it fills a large portion of his ATB gauge.

Bear in mind that once used, it takes a long time to recharge this attack – but you can speed up the reload process by pressing triangle again.

He also has specific abilities to deal with pesky enemies and to deal with friends.

Focused Shot: this ability uses up all available ATB charges to deliver a powerful attack. Not only does it do good damage, but it also fills up an enemy’s stagger gauge – get that to the max and they’ll be susceptible to even more damage!

Lifesaver: This ability definitely lives up to its name! After activating it, Barret will share some of his HP with allies when they take damage.

We then take a look at the Command Materia – Enemy Skill, which basically turns a character in a friendly neighborhood blue mage.

“When a party member has this equipped, they have a chance to learn certain enemy attacks that are used on them. Note that the character can only use these skills while the materia is equipped.”

Speaking of locations, we get to see the gorgeously-detailed Wall Market and the Corneo Colosseum, where we’ll fight against humans and monsters.

The Honeybee Inn itself is also showcased, alongside the Beginner’s Hall, where we can learn the basics of weapon enhancement. It includes a weapons shop and the base of operations of the neighborhood watch.

Another relevant feature is the jukebox. You can collect discs from shops or NPCs and play them on any jukebox. One can be found in Tifa’s bar, the Seventh Heaven.

Last, but not least, we take a look at Leviathan, the water-based summon worshipped as a deity in the Wutai region.

If you’d like to see and learn more about the Final Fantasy VII Remake , you can play the demo released recently. The full game has gone gold, and we have an extensive hands-on-preview for your perusal. Today Square Enix also released an extensive video.

You can also enjoy the opening cutscene, the latest screenshots, the previous, spectacular trailer that revealed Red XIII, another large batch of screenshots, and the trailer from The Game Awards.

The first game of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on PS4 on April 10, 2020.

We recently learned that the game will be a PS4 exclusive only since April 10, 2021. After that, it could come to other platforms, even if nothing has been officially confirmed by Square Enix yet besides the date.

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