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Bleeding Edge: Will There Be New Characters?

bleeding edge new characters

Bleeding Edge: Will There Be New Characters?

Bleeding Edge has arrived on Xbox One and PC and interested players can jump into Ninja Theory’s quirky team brawler and mix it up with other players in objective-based game modes. There’s an eclectic mix of characters spread out across three roles: Damage, Support and Tank. If you’re enjoying the game, you might be wondering if there will be new characters in Bleeding Edge any time soon. Here is everything we know.

Bleeding Edge New Characters

The short answer is that yes, there will very likely be new characters eventually in Bleeding Edge for both Xbox One and PC. This was confirmed as much to Windows Central.

In an interview with Windows Central, Bleeding Edge director Rahni Tucker confirmed that they have a team already working on post-launch support and call new fighters and maps “a given” in regards to be added at some point.

Assuming that Bleeding Edge isn’t a Mass Effect Andromeda level disappointment in the eyes of Ninja Theory and Microsoft and as such they don’t feel the need to completely pull the plug on all their plans, you can likely expect new characters in Bleeding Edge at some point if you’re a fan or a curious observer about the game.

At the time of this writing, Bleeding Edge has just launched and there’s no indication yet of how it’s doing. So far now we’ll assume that Tucker’s plan of having new characters added into Bleeding Edge via post-launch support is still in the works.

These days with Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere support, Microsoft exclusive games have a pretty stable foundation to work with in terms of developing a stable player base, so the prospects of Bleeding Edge being supported for the near and medium-term look bright as of right now.

That’s all you need to know about new characters in Bleeding Edge. While we have no idea what these fighters will be yet, it’s very likely they are in development and on the way. For more on Bleeding Edge, be sure to search our index of coverage including news and helpful guides such as how to parry.

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