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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Remove Face Paint

remove face paint new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Remove Face Paint

Animal Crossing New Horizons is here and you can officially now charter your own vacation to Tom Nook’s latest scheme: a deserted island that has ambitions of turning into a beautiful paradise. Creating your villager and coming up with their style is a big part of the appeal of Animal Crossing. In this guide we’re going to go over how to remove face paint in Animal Crossing New Horizons, just in case you pick something at the start of the game that you end up regretting.

How to Remove Face Paint in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Update 3/23/20: An additional way to remove face paint that doesn’t involve getting a mirror has been found. Simply press X to open your inventory, and look for the little shirt icon next to your Bells. Select this and press A and you’ll now see all of your clothing and accessories.

how to remove face paint animal crossing new horizons

Select the face paint here and choose the option to remove it. That’s all there is to it!


So at the beginning of the game you’ll be able to customize your character and give them a look that you approve of. You can tweak lots of little things to make them the most like you, or just something you find appealing and then away you go to visit Tom Nook at your new island. You can also add face paint.

However, this is going to be your look for a while in-game. You can change your look and remove face paint in Animal Crossing New Horizons eventually, but not right away.

To remove your face paint you’re going to need a mirror. You can get a mirror by waiting for the DIY recipe that can be obtained through several different methods.

You can shoot down floating presents that may have the recipe inside them with a slingshot and also, messages in a bottle that wash up on your beach may also have the DIY knowledge you need and villagers may craft them eventually themselves.

If you have bad luck, eventually you will be able to just buy the mirror recipe from Tom Nook and remove your face paint that way by redeeming your Nook Miles. The choice is yours.

Once you have the mirror though, simply use it to basically have the opportunity to revisit the character creation screen and you can then choose the option for no face paint from the face paint section of the character creation screen. All gone!

That’s all you need to know for how to remove face paint in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered, be sure to check out our Animal Crossing New Horizons wiki guide which is filled with the most commonly asked questions and guides for them.

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