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10 Actors Who Should Totally Play Joel in The Last of Us HBO Series

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10 Actors Who Should Totally Play Joel in The Last of Us HBO Series

As if we weren’t hyped enough for more The Last of Us as the sequel fast approaches, this week has revealed the production of an HBO series based on Naughty Dog’s beloved action game. Having itself taken inspiration from zombie film and television both old and new, The Last of Us is about to go full circle with a series to be directed ‘Chernobyl’ Creator Craig Mazin.

Certainly, the pedigree of the team behind the production has us hopeful that The Last of Us could mimic or even exceed the success of Netflix’s recent The Witcher production. Particularly so, if it nails the casting choices of the game’s most beloved characters.

Here we’re going to run through our wishlist of who we think would best suit the role of the game’s main protagonist, Joel.

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion has a bit of a history with Naughty Dog film adaptations. A huge fan of Uncharted himself, he’s has long campaigned to play Nathan Drake in the production that has been off and on for years now. But having presumably grown tired of waiting for a film that couldn’t seem to get off the ground, Fillion went ahead and made his own Uncharted short film which premiered back in 2018.

Undoubtedly, Fillion’s appearance is a close match with Nathan Drake’s first and foremost, but we think he’d also be a good fit for Joel. More than just his acting talent, a good understanding of the source material and an appreciation for video games would surely help him bring to life the character, too.

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