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Minecraft: How to Get Riptide Enchantment & What It Does


Minecraft: How to Get Riptide Enchantment & What It Does

The world of Minecraft is a weird and wonderful one. Around every corner there’s something new to uncover… or just more dirt to dig underground. Once you’ve got the basics out of the way and begin really digging into Minecraft’s mechanics, enchantments will become very important. Here’s how to get the Riptide enchantment in Minecraft and what it does.

Getting Riptide in Minecraft

Minecraft riptide enchantment

Riptide is an enchantment that can be placed on a Trident. It cannot be placed on any other item, so ensure you’ve got a Trident first.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to walk over to an Enchanting Table and interact with it. Place your Trident alongside three Lapis Lazuli in the Enchantment menu boxes.

You’ll now see three different enchantments pop up. The number on the right indicates how many experience points you need to unlock and view the enchantment. The higher the amount of experience points required to unlock the enchantment, the better it probably is.

There’s a bit of luck involved when enchanting a Trident this way, but as there are only a handful of enchantments for a Trident, with a bit of luck you’ll unlock Riptide fairly quickly.

All Trident Enchantments in Minecraft

We’ve listed all enchantments for Tridents in Minecraft below:

  • Channeling – Summons a lightning bolt at a targeted mob when Trident is thrown.
  • Impaling – Increases attack damage against sea creatures
  • Loyalty – Returns your weapon when it is thrown like a spear
  • Riptide – Propels the player forward when enchanted item is thrown while in water or rain
  • Unbreaking – Increases durability of item.

What Riptide Enchantment Does in Minecraft

As we noted above in our list, the Riptide enchantment is a pretty great way of getting around. All you need to do is throw your Trident enchanted with Riptide while you’re standing in rain or water and you’ll be propelled to where it is thrown.

How to Use Riptide in Minecraft

To use Riptide on your Trident, ensure that the enchantment has been placed on your Trident. When you’ve done this, either walk out in the rain, or find some water to stand in.

Next, aim your Trident as you normally would and throw it. You’ll now be pulled up behind your Trident to wherever it was going to go.

minecraft riptide
Image Credit: Phoenix SC

It’s worth noting that Riptide can propel you through air and water, and can be leveled up to level three. Doing so will increase the distance that it propels you.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Riptide in Minecraft. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out more of our Minecraft enchantment guides below.

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