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HTC Announces New Series of Vive Cosmos VR Headsets

HTC Vive Cosmos Series

HTC Announces New Series of Vive Cosmos VR Headsets

HTC unveiled a new lineup of Vive virtual reality headsets to complement the Vive Cosmos headset announced and released last year.

The high-end headset of the lineup is the Vive Cosmos Elite, which is aimed at those playing more precision intensive titles such as Superhot VR, Pistol Whip, and Battlewake.

The Cosmos Elite includes a pre-installed external tracking faceplate, two SteamVR base stations, and two Vive controllers for $899. It will be available for pre-order on Feb. 24.

The Vive Cosmos XR is a faceplate for the current modular Cosmos headset that offers “high-quality XR passthrough cameras” to allow augmented reality (AR) apps to work with the headset. HTC will unveil more information on the AR faceplate at the Game Developers Conference next month.

The last new addition to the lineup is the Vive Cosmos Play, which is aimed at entry-level apps such as Viveport Video and Angry Birds VR. The Play faceplate only offers four cameras instead of the original headset’s six.

Since the headset features swap-able faceplates, a six-camera faceplate will be offered as an accessory scheduled for Q2 at a price of $199. HTC said it would announce more about the Cosmos Play “in the coming months.”

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