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How Long Journey to the Savage Planet Takes to Beat

How long journey to the savage planet

How Long Journey to the Savage Planet Takes to Beat

Journey to the Savage Planet is a rather hilarious sci-fi exploration game that sees you mapping the uncharted world of AR Y-26. Here’s how long Journey to the Savage Planet takes to beat in case you were wondering how many hours your interplanetary mission will take you.

How Long Journey to the Savage Planet Is

In short, it took us about 10 hours to complete the game. During these 10 hours, we finished the main story quests on the planet.

We also did a bit of exploring off the beaten path, grabbing over a quarter of the orange goo, and two of the five fuel cells we needed to refuel the Javelin.

After this, we then spent a further few hours completing science experiments to upgrade our rank, getting another three fuel cells to finally get home, and devoured more of those orange goos in the process.

By the time we had the five fuel cells to get home, our playtime had jumped a further couple of hours to 12 hours total.

Of course, how long it takes you to beat Journey to the Savage Planet depends on whether you want to find the five fuel cells, and just how much time you spend finding all of the collectibles and logging everything you can possibly find.

If you’re going for a 100% run, we could see this taking closer to the 20-hour mark.

For more on Journey to the Savage Planet, head on over to our guide wiki. We’ve also included some more of our guides down below, because we’re nice like that.

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