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Fortnite Steel Bridge Locations: Where to Dance at Green, Yellow & Red Steel Bridges


Fortnite Steel Bridge Locations: Where to Dance at Green, Yellow & Red Steel Bridges

The Chaos Rising Mission has just dropped in Fortnite Chapter 2, meaning there are more challenges for players to grind out for XP. On top of that, completing these challenges will also net players the Chaos Rising loading screen, which can unlock the secret Sorana skin from this season. One of the challenges tasks players to dance at green, yellow, and red steel bridges. This guide will talk you through all Fortnite steel bridge locations so you can get this completed nice and quickly.

Fortnite Steel Bridge Locations

fortnite bridge locations

We’ve circled the locations of the green, yellow and red steel bridges in Fortnite above. Between Pleasant Park and Salty Springs in grid reference C3 is the Fortnite red bridge. In G4 between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks is Fortnite’s green bridge location, while in G7 Fortnite’s yellow bridge can be found just east of Misty Meadows.

We’ve dived into these locations in a little more detail below.

Red Bridge Location

Fortnite red bridge location

Make your way to Salty Springs and simply run north. As you come to the river between here and Pleasant Park, you’ll come across this giant red bridge.

Fortnite red bridge location

Fortnite Yellow Bridge Location

Fortnite’s yellow bridge can be found right in the south section of the map. Look out for Misty Meadows and jump out of the Battle Bus when you’re nearby. Start gliding to the east to spot this bridge and bust a move to tick it off your list.

Fortnite yellow bridge location

Green Bridge Location

Finally, the green bridge can be found between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks. It runs north-to-south. Your best landing at Frenzy Farm and running over to Fortnite’s green bridge.

Fortnite green bridge location

Once you arrive at each one, simply dance away and you’ll tick it off the Chaos Rising Mission.

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