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Epic Announces New Epic Games Store Features & Plans for 2020

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Epic Announces New Epic Games Store Features & Plans for 2020

The Epic Games Store has had an eventful 2019, and the massive game developer announced a handful of changes in their final update of the year as well as what they have planned for 2020.

The store initially released as a fairly bare-bones game launcher for PC, but it has grown considerably over the calendar year. Three of the next big updates coming to the Epic Games Store include coupons, library polish, and storefront optimization.

The coupons are self-explanatory. It’s not clear if there will be differing value amounts, but in the official release, they mention earning $10 off some games.

They also didn’t mention how these coupons will be obtained through the Epic Games Store, but they promised to talk about that, “…ways to earn are on the horizon.”

The new update also includes a bit of a touch-up on the library grid view screen. The space between titles has been decreased which will allow you to view more games on a single screen and load times for opening your library have been decreased.

Last, but certainly not least, the overall speed of the Epic Games Store has been boosted. The optimizations appear to increase the speed of how fast just about everything in the application loads. Their official speed tests can be found in the graph below.

Some of these changes only shave off a couple of seconds of load time while others are five to six times faster. Either way, it’s clear that they’re committed to speeding up the user experience.

That’s all when it comes to Epic Games Store updates for 2019, but they also announced a couple of new features that are being worked on for 2020. The two they mentioned were critic reviews and the wishlist.

Both of these features have been active for years on their main rival launcher, Steam. However, this is a welcome sign that Epic is hard at work to bring users of their launcher the same bells and whistles that Steam users currently enjoy.

If you would like to read all the details about the latest updates to the Epic Games Store as well as the plans for the future, then you can read the full release here.

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