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Sonic Fans Are Going Gaga Over the New Design for the Live-Action Film

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Sonic Fans Are Going Gaga Over the New Design for the Live-Action Film

Today, Paramount Pictures released an exciting new trailer for the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film and this is not just your typical trailer, no no no. This is the first time that fans get a good look at the new design of our favorite blue hedgehog.

After facing backlash over the human-like characteristics of Sonic’s design in the original trailer for the film, Paramount delayed the film for a few months in order to rework the hedgehog’s look.

Now, the film is slated to premiere in theaters on Feb. 14, 2020 (yup, that’s Valentine’s Day) and after getting a taste of this more cartoony-looking Sonic, fans seem to be very pleased about his redesign. So much so that Sonic enthusiasts have gone to Twitter and even Reddit to show their love for the new look and express their disgust for the old one:

That headband is adorable and needs to be a real thing so that I can buy it… like now.

Sonic in a towel is something I can never unsee but he just looks so adorable.

That mutant Sonic has never looked worse.

It’s a masterpiece!

I shall protect this boy with all of my life.

If you missed the trailer that was uploaded earlier today, you can watch it down below:

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