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Pokemon Sword & Shield: What Brilliant Aura Is

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: What Brilliant Aura Is

Pokemon Sword & Shield introduce numerous new items and processes to help you find the best Pokemon for your competitive teams. And Brilliant Aura is a major quality of life upgrade for finding good wild Pokemon. Having the creatures visible in the overworld is what makes this new system for wild Pokemon possible. Here’s everything you need to know about what Brilliant Aura is in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

What Brilliant Aura Is in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield are the first mainline titles in this franchise to feature Pokemon roaming around in the grass instead of only random battles. Some of them still hide in the grass, but you can at least see where they are.

If you played Let’s Go, then you’ll be familiar with the red and blue auras surrounding certain Pokemon. These were simply there to identify if the ‘mon was tiny or huge.

In Sword & Shield, you may see a gold aura appear around Pokemon that you find in the wild. However, they’ll only have this aura around them in the overworld. Once in battle, the creature will look normal.

This fancy gold aura isn’t just for looks though. Any Pokemon that has the brilliant aura around it is guaranteed to have one egg move which you can normally only get through breeding and at least three perfect IVs.

Thanks to the new way of breeding for new skills, where a Pokemon with an egg move can essentially teach it to another Pokemon without a need for hatching any eggs, Brilliant Aura creatures even more valuable.

Not to mention the three perfect IVs, which will make finding the best versions of your favorite Pokemon simpler than it has been. Breeding is still important, but Brilliant Aura makes it easier to find great Pokemon.

That’s all there is to know about what Brilliant Aura is in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If there’s anything else you need to know about this game, then just check out our Sword & Shield Guide Wiki.

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