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Death Stranding: How to Customize Bike

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Death Stranding: How to Customize Bike

Death Stranding’s third episode is when the game really starts to open up in terms of unlocking new systems and mechanics. It’s then that you’ll first gain the ability to fabricate vehicles like the Reverse Trike, which we’ll refer to as the bike from now on. Here’s how to customize the bike in Death Stranding if you want to add your own personal touch to its aesthetic.

How to Customize the Bike in Death Stranding

Bike customization in Death Stranding is purely cosmetic. You’ll have the ability to switch the vehicle’s color scheme with a fairly wide range of different options. To unlock these, though, you’ll have to put in some leg work. And when we say legwork, we mean deliveries.

The key to getting different color schemes for your bike is to improve your strand connection with the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. This is done by taking orders from the Access Terminal and successfully completing them.

Raising this to a 3-star connection-level will unlock the first eight options. There’s another color to be gained from the Chiral Artist’s Studio when you get it to a level 4 connection.

To actually perform a color change you’ll need to take the vehicle to the garage it’s associated with, so either a distribution center, safe house, etc.

When you’re selecting the vehicle from the garage’s storage you can opt to change its color. Each bike has both a main and sub color, so you can go for a two-tone effect if that’s your thing.

And that’s all there is to know about how to customize a bike in Death Stranding. For more tips on the game, you should refer to our extensive guide wiki.

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