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Outer Worlds Lockpicking: How to Lockpick Doors & Get More Mag-Picks, Increase Lockpicking Skill

outer worlds lockpicking

Outer Worlds Lockpicking: How to Lockpick Doors & Get More Mag-Picks, Increase Lockpicking Skill

While you’re visiting The Outer Worlds’ various planets, you’re going to come across your fair share of locked doors and safes that you can’t just open up. That’s where lockpicking comes in. Here’s everything you need to know about how to lockpick doors in Outer Worlds, how to get more Mag-Picks, how to increase your Lockpicking skill, and much more.

Outer Worlds Lockpicking

Lockpicking in Outer Worlds is actually much simpler than the Fallout and Skyrim-style minigames that you might be expecting to be replicated here.

That being said, there are still a few things you’ll need to know to make sure all of your lockpicking efforts come up Milhouse!

How to Lockpick Doors

To lockpick anything in Outer Worlds, you’ll need a Mag-Lock. These are small, luminous, circular objects that essentially act as your lockpicks.

Once you’ve got a Mag-Pick, simply walk over to the locked door or safe and press and hold Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, or E on PC. As long as your lockpicking skill is high enough and you have enough Mag-Locks, the door will open.

How to Get More Mag-Picks

You can get more Mag-Picks in Outer Worlds by simply exploring the worlds. They seem to be littered about any time you see a group of human enemies out in the wild, or in one of their camps.

Mag-Picks can also be purchased for Bits, but you’ll want to avoid doing this as much as possible so you can spend your hard-earned cash elsewhere.

How to Increase Lockpicking Skill in Outer Worlds

You won’t be able to lockpick every door or safe you come across, as your lockpicking skill needs to reach the minimum number of the lock. Similarly, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got enough Mag-Picks, as tougher locks can require multiple.

Increasing your lockpicking skill reduces the unlock time and the number of Mag-Picks needed for picking locks.

To increase your lockpicking skill in Outer Worlds, you’ll need to wait until you level up and then spend your Skill Points in the ‘Stealth’ skill. Each point invested in ‘Stealth’ will increase your ‘Sneak,’ ‘Hack,’ and ‘Lockpick’ skills by one respectively.

You can also get an increase of eight to your Lockpick skill be having Parvati as a companion, who you’ll meet early on in your adventure.

All Outer Worlds Lockpicking Skill Level Upgrades

outer worlds lockpicking

On top of allowing you to pick tougher locks with fewer Mag-Picks, increasing your Lockpicking skill also grants other abilities. We’ve listed all of these in the table below, in case the screenshot’s tricky to read.

Lockpicking Skill LevelAbility Unlocked
20 NoviceDoors and Containers requiring 1 Mag-Pick to unlock are free to open.
40 CompetentFind +25% more Bits in containers
60 AdeptLockpick Preview: See what is inside locked containers
80 ExpertLockpicking speed is increased to be nearly instant
100 MasterFind Pristine Item Chance +100%

Is There an Unbreakable Mag-Pick?

Unlike game’s like Skyrim where there’s an unbreakable lockpick, Outer Worlds doesn’t have an unbreakable Mag-Pick. If you level up your ‘Stealth’ skill enough, you’ll reach a point where you will rarely even need Mag-Picks to open doors and safes, making an unbreakable one pretty pointless anyway.

That’s everything you need to know on Outer Worlds’ lockpicking. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or have a read of more of our guides down below.

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