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Modern Warfare: How to Change Online Character Appearance


Modern Warfare: How to Change Online Character Appearance

CoD Modern Warfare is adding a little personality to online avatars, as players can customize the appearance of characters to their liking. You’ll have to follow a few key steps in order to do it correctly. Here is everything you need to know about how to change online character appearance in Modern Warfare.

How to Change Online Character Appearance in CoD Modern Warfare

Before you can do anything customization wise, you’ll need to start up CoD Modern Warfare and log into the game’s multiplayer mode. From here, head over to the Operators tab.

You’ll notice that there are two different factions: Coalition or Allegiance. Choose which side to pledge to and you’ll come to a customization screen.

At first, there won’t be much to choose from character-wise for customization, as you’ll need to unlock them. These unlocks can be earned as rewards for things like beating campaign missions or play 25 public matches.

After you’ve completed a few of these rewards, you’ll find skins with a varying amount of looks, containing different height, race, or gender, each specified by different titles (Domino, Charly, Golem Wyatt, etc.).

Once you’ve figured out which online character appearance fits you best, highlight your choice and press X to make it active.

To summarize, you can change online character appearance in CoD Modern Warfare by doing the following:

  1. Log into Multiplayer.

  2. Cycle over to the Operators tab.

  3. Select your faction and choose your character avatar.

    More can be unlocked by completing specific objectives.

  4. Highlight the one you want and press X to activate them.

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