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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations: Where to Find All Boos

luigi's mansion 3, hidden boos locations

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations: Where to Find All Boos

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, there are a ton of collectibles to found around the hotel that include hidden Boos lurking around the haunted rooms. If you’re trying to find all 16 of these ghostly guys, here’s everything you need to know about where to find all Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Where to Find All Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3

#1 – ComBooster – Floor B2

Head into the observation room and investigate the small white trash bin that’s on the floor to find this hidden Boo.

#2 – Boosement – Floor B1

This hidden Boo is one of the first that you’ll probably end up finding in Luigi’s Mansion 3. As soon as you get the ability from E. Gadd in the basement, you’ll step into the hallway and your goo controller will start to vibrate. Go left into the laundry room and you will see three machines that are glowing green. Go open the cupboard that is to the left of the left-most machine and the Boo will pop out.

#3 – GumBoo – 1st Floor

GumBoo can be found on the first-floor lobby of the hotel and to find out where he’s hiding, just pick up some of the trash cans with the plunger and he’ll be hiding in one of them. Use the dark light on him to stun him and then you’ll be able to suck him up by his tongue. You only have to do it twice to defeat him.

#4 – Booigi – 2nd Floor

This hidden Boo can be found in the second-floor dressing room. Just interact with the middle drawer in front of the mirror and he’ll pop out.

#5 – Kung Boo – 3rd Floor

Kung Boo can be found in the Lost and Found room on the third floor, the same place where you originally fought the security guard. Once you find this hidden Boo, he’ll pop up and then fly away to the restroom. When you find him the restroom, he’ll leave once again to the hallway outside of the bathroom. Pick up the phone at the end of the hallway to make him appear and then he’ll fly back to the Lost and Found.

#6 – Boogie – 4th Floor

Boogie is hiding out in the women’s restroom on the fourth floor. Just interact with the toolbox to have him come out of hiding.

#7 – Boolldog? – 5th Floor

This hidden Boo can be initially found in room 505. Investigate the small dresser near the bed and the Boo will pop out. It’ll then fly away to room 507 so just pay attention to the vibration in your controller to narrow down its final location in the room.

#8 – Boo-at-Arms – 6th Floor

You can find this Boo on the Coliseum Balcony by slamming down one of the suits of armors. The Boo will then fly away south to the Front Gate and will possess another suit of armor.

#9 – Bootanist – 7th Floor

First, go up the stairs to the second-floor portion of the Garden Suites. Head into the bedroom that’s named Blooming Suite and then interact with the pot by the bathroom door. Now, go up another floor to the Ivy Bathroom and then break some of the watermelons. The Boo will run away again if you don’t catch it this time. If you missed it, it’ll be in the Thorny Bathroom and if you miss it again, it should end up back in the Blooming Suite.

#10 – Booducer – 8th Floor

Go to the Studio 1 horror set on the eighth floor and then open up the chest by the television. Booducer will pop out and you’ll be able to defeat it by using the dark light, per usual.

#11 – Boones – 9th Floor

Go back to the big exhibit hall where you fought the T-Rex and the Caveman. Go to the painting that is just right of the painting where Toad was, and pull off the cover for the Boo to appear.

#12 Anuboo – 10th Floor

Go to the Scale Chamber where you did the weight/picture puzzle. Interact with the vase that’s in the front of the room and this hidden Boo will pop out.

#13 – Boofuddler – 11th Floor

Go to the Trainer’s Bedroom, which is connected to the bathroom, and interact with the fridge in the back left corner to find this hidden Boo.

#14 – Booccaneer – 12th Floor

In the Grotto Lounge, you’ll feel the vibration of the Boo tracker near a bunch of barrels towards the front section of the room. Use the plunger to pick one of them up and the Boo will appear.

#15 – Boodybuilder? – 13th Floor

Go to the pool area and with Gooigi, head towards the back left of the room and investigate the towel hamper near one of the pillars. The Boo will then go inside the pool so just go down there to fight it.

#16 – Boosician – 14th Floor

Go into the back of the coat closet behind that dance hall shop and investigate the trash can next to the safe. You’ll find the hidden Boo, Boosician, in there.

What Happens When You Find All of the Hidden Boos?

When you find all 16 hidden Boos in the hotel, go back to E. Gadd’s lab and then go to the gallery. Now, go to the Special Items tab and you’ll be able to switch out your type of flashlight to Flashlight Type-B.

The only thing that this reward does is allow you to have a silhouette of a Boo appear in your flashlight beam. Yup, that is all you get for going out of the way to find all of these.

And that’s all you need to know about where to find all of the Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the Switch exclusive, check out our scored review and our extensive Guide Wiki.

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