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FFXIV: The Grand Cosmos Dungeon Guide

ffxiv, grand cosmos dungeon guide

FFXIV: The Grand Cosmos Dungeon Guide

With the release of patch 5.1 for Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a ton of new stuff to dive into. The Fellowships feature has just been implemented, new game plus is here, there’s new story content, along with the new NieR Alliance raid as well. The new story dungeon this patch is called The Grand Cosmos, and if you want to get an idea of what the mechanics are like, our FFXIV Grand Cosmos dungeon guide should help you out.

FFXIV Grand Cosmos Dungeon Guide

As is the case with all of FFXIV’s story dungeons, The Grand Cosmos is a linear dungeon with a total of three bosses. Here are their moves.

Seeker of Solitude

  • Shadowbolt: Tankbuster. Tank takes big damage, heal as necessary.
  • Immortal Anathema: Group-wide damage, heal as necessary.
  • Tribulation: Circular AoEs appear on the ground, dodge as necessary.
  • Dark Shock: More circular AoEs appear on the ground, dodge as necessary. Brooms will also appear from the sides and start sweeping the arena. Avoid these, as they’ll give you an vulnerability stack.
  • Dark Pulse: A marker appears on a random player, stack together to spread the damage. Then, immediately spread out as everyone gets individual damage markers.

Leannan Sith

  • Storm of Color: Tankbuster, heal as necessary.
  • Ode to Lost Love: Group-wide damage, heal as necessary.
  • Direct Seeding: Green areas appear on the ground in the arena, along with Leannan Seeds. Interact with the seeds to carry them, and move them out of the green areas before the boss finishes casting Gardener’s Hymn.
  • Gardener’s Hymn: If the cast goes off with a Seed in the green area, this will spawn an add.
  • Ode to Far Winds: Large circular AoEs on the ground, every player gets a damage marker. Spread out and stand in a safe area.
  • Ode to Fallen Petals: Room-wide AoE, the only safe spot is in the boss’ hit box.


  • Scorching Right: Does big damage to the entire area on the boss’ right.
  • Otherworldly Heat: Red marker on every player, spread out avoid stacking damage.
  • Mortal Flame: Blue marker on every player, stand next to a Gilded item in the arena to pass on the fire damage.
  • Fire’s Domain: Players get marked from 1 to 4, and the boss rushes to each player in that order. Spread out to avoid stacking damage.
  • Fire’s Ire: Frontal cone AoE, dodge as necessary.
  • Culling Blade: Group-wide AoE, heal as necessary.
  • Captive Bolt: Tankbuster, heal as necessary.

And that does it for our FFXIV Grand Cosmos dungeon guide, and all the bosses you’ll encounter in it.. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on FFXIV and patch 5.1, or leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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