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Destiny 2: Best Linear Fusion Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2019)


Destiny 2: Best Linear Fusion Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2019)

Linear fusion rifle options in Destiny 2 are one of the most limited weapon options in Destiny 2 outside of trace rifles. There’s only a handful you can use, so let’s go over what the best linear fusion rifles are for PvE, PvP and Gambit in Destiny 2.

Best Linear Fusion Rifles Destiny 2

Best for PvE: Sleeper Simulant, Arbalest, Komodo-4FR

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Starting with PvE there are only really two linear fusion rifles worth using that don’t get completely outclassed by something else: Arbalest and Sleeper Simulant.

Sleeper Simulant is less powerful than the best long-range power exotics in Destiny 2, but it’s far more forgiving to use, and still quite powerful in its own right. Sleeper Simulant isn’t always the best choice for a raid boss fight, but it’s usually a safe to great option to use.

Arbalest fills a different niche. Arbalest is excellent at ripping the shields off of enemies. Dungeon runs such as Zero Hour or Nightfalls are great spot to use Arbalest. If you hate Borealis and Hard Light because, well, they aren’t great weapons aside from the ability to change elements, then consider Arbalest instead.

It will clear most shields in one or two quick shots, and hits very hard on unshielded enemies crit spots. Arbalest’s biggest weakness though is how quickly it can burn up ammo, so keep that in mind when creating a build.

Sleeper Simulant can be obtained via its exotic quest, while Arbalest is a rare exotic world drop.

As far as legendary options go, Komodo-4FR the Crucible Ritual Weapon for Season of Dawn, outclasses the other options thanks to its nice suite of perks although there are lot of other better power options available in general.

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