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Borderlands 3 Rebel Yell: How to Get, Stats & More

borderlands 3, rebel yell

Borderlands 3 Rebel Yell: How to Get, Stats & More

Borderlands 3’s 181 legendary weapons represent the most powerful in the game, combining elemental damage on top of typically potent base damage. They also boast unique traits that make them much more deadly than standard weaponry. Here’s how to get Rebel Yell in Borderlands 3 and what its stats are.

How to Get Rebel Yell in Borderlands 3

You won’t be able to obtain the Rebel Yell by looting a certain area or defeating a particular boss, we’re sorry to say. Instead, the Rebel Yell is a random world drop that can pretty much appear anywhere.

It’s all down to the RNG gods, basically. The weapon can spawn from boss drops, chests, and slot machines.

That said, there are a few spots that seem to yield better results than others, which we have listed below:

  • Farming the Graveward boss on Eden-6
  • Farming the Chupacabratch on Athenas
  • Farming Captain Traunt on Athenas
  • By killing Troy Calypso at the end of Chapter 19
  • By killing Katagawa Jr during Chapter 9

This isn’t an exhaustive list, however, so we recommend you check out our guide on the best bosses to farm in the game, too.

Rebel Yell Stats

The Rebel Yell is a legendary assault rifle that is highly effective against shields. Projectiles home in on targets, so it’s also excellent for dealing with large volumes of enemies at once.

  • Damage – 363
  • Accuracy – 63%
  • Handling – 58%
  • Reload Time – 2.3s
  • Fire Rate – 10.67/s
  • Magazine – 22


“When you charge, yell like Furies.”

  • 10% Critical hit damage
  • 27% Weapon fire rate
  • 1.5% Weapon Zoom

Blasts tracker darts forward, your projectiles will home in on enemies for 15 seconds.

That is everything we have about how to get the Rebel Yell in Borderlands 3 and what its stats are. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive guide wiki.

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