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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Beat Velkhana

how to beat velkhana

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Beat Velkhana

Considering that Velkhana is the flagship elder dragon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, the assigned quest to slay it will be one of the more challenging ones that the expansion has to offer. If you’re struggling, here’s how to beat Velkhana and by beat, we mean slay.

How to Beat Velkhana in Iceborne

Velkhana can be a tricky little monster to take down as it’s constantly throwing all kinds of ice attacks at you, most of which are very hard to dodge without careful planning and strategy.

For starters, whenever it breathes ice in a 180-degree motion, carefully dodge roll when it comes by and you will not take damage if performed correctly. It’s better than to run away and then get hit by it because this can one-shot you if you’re not at full health.

And speaking o health, just be sure to have a full bar as much as you can. Its attacks can be wildly unpredictable and can cause iceblight, meaning you should also keep your stamina healthy with meat or rations.

There will be an attack that Velkhana does that will make ice blocks appear around the ground, and if broken, they can be used as small cliffs to help you jump off and, hopefully, mount Velkhana when you can.

If you find dragon pods or crystalburst laying on the ground, you can unload them on Velkhana by grabbing on to it with the clutch claw, which you can also use to soften its parts.

Velkhana’s Weakness

If you’re bringing along any sort of ice-elemental weapon to this assigned quest, I’m going to have you stop you right there because that is the one element that Velkhana is resistant to.

Make sure you bring a fire-type weapon if you can but if not, thunder and dragon prove to be effective as well.

Velkhana is also very susceptible to blast, so if you have a weapon or bow with that type of element or ammo, bring it along. It can also be easily poisoned, so if you’re having trouble whittling its health down, poison can be an effective tactic.

If you really find yourself having a problem slaying Velkhana (as I did), attempt to hop online and try to find other people who are on the same quest as you or someone who is farther in the story that can help you out.

To sum things up

  1. Stay away from its ice breath attacks and roll towards the attack instead of running away.

  2. Bring along fire, thunder, or dragon-type weapons.

  3. Use poison to help whittle down its health.

  4. Jump online and try to find some help.

And that is pretty much all you need to know about how to beat Velkhana in Iceborne. For more on the new expansion, be sure to check out our expansive Wiki Guide and our scored review.

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