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Is Mario Kart Tour Against Bots? Answered


Is Mario Kart Tour Against Bots? Answered

Mario Kart Tour is the latest mobile game from Nintendo. Taking the classic kart racing formula of Mario Kart and bringing it to your cellphone. Is Mario Kart Tour against bots? We have the answer right here.

Is Mario Kart Tour Against Bots?

As of right now, yes, Mario Kart Tour is against bots. Players have the option to choose which CC they will race at, but all that does is increase the difficulty of the bots you are racing against.

Multiplayer will be coming later to Mario Kart Tour, but for right now you’ll just have to practice and sharpen your skills against the bots found across all of the different courses found in the game.

You will however notice that there is a spot in the menu to add friends and go into multiplayer. The multiplayer icon is currently greyed out, so eventually you’ll be able to add your friends and race together.

There is plenty of racing to be done with a variety of different tours. You can also replay any race to get a higher score and score more stars, which will unlock even more tours to complete.

This is just the beginning for Mario Kart Tour and the game will only evolve from here. So given some time it will become even more fleshed out.

For now though, you can take solace in knowing that your friends have no idea how good you’ve become at Mario Kart Tour and they will be in for a surprise when you crush them when online does in fact come out.

Mario Kart Tour is availible on IOS and Android devices.

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