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Gears 5: Where to Find All Collectibles (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4)

gears 5 collectibles locations

Gears 5: Where to Find All Collectibles (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4)

There’s a ton of different collectibles scattered throughout Gears 5’s campaign that further expand upon the lore and narrative of the series and its world. Not only that, you’re going to need to get all 90 of them to get the ‘It’s Not Hoarding If Your Stuff Is Cool’ achievement. Here’s where to find all Gears 5 collectible locations to get you closer to that 100% completion mark.

Where to Find All Collectibles in Gears 5

There’s a grand total of 90 different collectibles in Gears 5’s campaign spread out across its four acts. We’ve broken them all down by act and chapter below.

Gears 5 Act 1 Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

  • Weathered Spectacles – As soon as you land by the waterfall in the water. Head past the wreckage and go into the corner to the right of this. You’ll find this among some rocks in the corner.
  • Onyx Guard Challenge Coin – Head left from your start point in this same area, and head down a little hill and you’ll find this collectible lying on the floor at the bottom.
  • Wellness Advisory Poster – As you begin heading through buildings, you’ll come across some beds on your right. Continue through and just around the next corner, on the left is this poster. It shines and flashes, too, so it’s pretty easy to spot.
  • Fallen Azura Gear COG Tags – Keep progressing through until you come across an Infirmary. On the right-hand side, as you head in, you’ll find the corpse of a fallen Gear. You can grab their COG Tags for another collectible.
  • Chairman’s Wristwatch – Head back out of the Infirmary and up the stairs to your right. At the top, turn left and head through the open doors. Make your way to the far back left corner, and then look for the room to your right. On the desk in here is this collectible.
  • Lightmass Missile Strike Authorization – When you come to an outdoor area with plenty of cover and walkways overhead on each side, clear out the enemies and then head up a fallen walkway on the left. Jump over the cover and down and take your first left. Head up the stairs in this room to find this collectible on the desk by the large wall-mounted screens.
  • UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints – From the last area, you’ll use the little vent on the wall to get Jack to open the door. Literally walk straight forward to find these blueprints on the desk.

Gears 5 Act 1 Chapter 2 Collectible Locations

  • Photograph of Kilo Squad – Walk over to Baird’s desk right at the start of this chapter to find this photo.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint – From the desk, turn around and walk over to where Baird is now standing up the stairs. To your left, you’ll find these blueprints on a crate by Kait and Del.
  • Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix – Head to the other side of the room from the blueprint you just picked up, and to the left of the big yellow machine, you’ll find this record next to a take-out box.
  • Gym Notice to Trainees – After meeting with Fahz, turn around to find a DeeBee on the floor. That’s not the collectible, but a point of reference. Now, look left from this to find the gym notice on the wall by the lockers.
  • DBI Marketing Brochure – Head out of the gym and turn right, rather than straight on to your objective. You’ll find yourself in a lobby with a load of COG flags on your left. Head to the seat just next to these to find this brochure.

Gears 5 Act 1 Chapter 3 Collectible Locations

  • Fallen Raven Pilot COG Tags – As soon as you’re back in control after the cutscene, walk forward to find the dead Raven pilot. His COG Tags are on the floor next to him.
  • The New Ephyran: 20th Anniversary Edition – Walk into the next room through the giant blast hole, and go to the desk in the left corner. This collectible is on the desk.
  • Seditious Literature – After the Swarmak blasts a hole in the side of the building. Head up the stairs and into another office area. Do a 180 on yourself at the top of the stairs left, to find this on the desk right by the stairs banister.
  • Settlement 2 Welcome Package – After the COG soldier shoots at your team when crossing the roof, head down and follow him into a room with a bunch of people in it. Before heading through the little gap in the wall to take you back outside, go into the room on your left and look to your right to find the welcome package on the table.
  • Storied Embry Star – Once you’ve regrouped with Lizzie outside, you’ll want to go to where the snipers were that you’ve just taken out. Go up the stairs and walk to the drawers right in front of you by the wall. You now need to look down into the open draw to find this Gears 5 collectible.
  • Fallen Gear at Condor Crash COG Tags – When you come to a crashed Condor by the bridge, head through the wreckage until you spot corpses on the floor. On your left, as soon as you see these, you’ll find these tags next to a fallen Gear.
  • Serian Colossus – When you reach a road with Settlement Guitars on your right and a juice store on your left, head past both of these and take the final door on your left. In the book store, by the golden statue, you’ll find a book you can pick up as a collectible.

Gears 5 Act 1 Chapter 4 Collectible Locations

  • Memo to Bomha Staff – When you come to the hotel with the large shutter doors. Don’t go through the door on your right. Head through the open shutter door on the left, and then look to your left when you’re inside. The memo is on the desk in the corner, just past the large boxes.
  • Fallen Gear at Hotel COG Tags – When Jack lights up the room not far from the garage area we were just at, you’ll find the bloodied corpse of a COG soldier on the floor. Walk over to it to grab their tags.
  • Lost Horse Plush – Not long after, you’ll reach what looks like the hotel’s lobby area, with multiple floors and gold staircases and a load of debris on your left. Head straight on before going up the stairs and into the little alcove. On the floor in the back right corner you’ll find this.
  • Settlement 2 Summer Birth Pamphlet – Now head up those fancy stairs in the lobby and look out for the purple posters for the “Parents of Settlement 2” on your right. On the table just by these, you’ll find a bunch of baby bottles, and this Gears 5 collectible.
  • Song Lyrics – When you’re in the theater a bit further into the chapter, before heading to the main stage, you’ll find the dressing room on your left. Go inside here, and then go into the room coming off it from the left to find the song lyrics on the table furthest right.
  • Worn Lighter – Continue towards the main stage and look for the brightly-lit mirrors on your left with a bust of a soldier on the desk. The worn lighter is sitting right next to it.
  • Octus Canon Scroll Prop – When you’re backstage, before lifting the curtain (mission objective) and beginning a big ol’ fight. Head over to the curtain controls and look right. On a black box, you’ll find the scroll prop.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

  • Hand-Carved Riftworm Flute – As soon as you take control of Kait in the settlement at the start of this chapter, head down the stairs and go into the store on the right to find this flue on the desk by the cash register.
  • Ilima City License Plate – Start walking through the town towards your objective. When you see a furnace on your right, look on the surface just in front of it to find this license plate.
  • Lost Gear Helmet – From there, walk toward the giant horn… bone… statue thing right in front of you and go around it on your left-hand side. Drop down the small steps and you’ll find this helmet by a bunch of red plants in the back left corner.
  • Wooden Lancer Toy – When the little boy starts calling you ‘fascists,’ you’re in the right place. Look for the giant stone block he was stood next to before his mother dragged him away. You’ll find this toy lancer propped up against it.
  • Major Howl and the Battlin’ Ants! – Continue down the path where the boy got dragged down and look for the salvage shop on the left. Head inside to find this on a surface on the left by old oil lamps.
  • New Village Rules Mandate – Continue on from here until you reach a stable with a bunch of horses. Head past them and into the room directly ahead. An NPC should get an electric shock from a machine on the table in front of you. Before walking into that area of the room, you’ll find this mandate pinned up on the lockers on your left.
  • Note to the Chief – After Kait has her first weird vision from the Swarm, look for the building with the yellow strips either side of the door to the left of the stairs. On the table right in the center of the room is this next collectible.
  • Norsko’s Letter – You’ll soon come to a boardwalk with water on your left and a large red machine next to it. Across from that is a building on the right, and just before you reach this, you’ll find this letter on some wooden boxes.
  • Outsider Skiff Schematic – When you have to fight off the Swarm later in this chapter, look out for a Silverback workshop on your right. It’s directly opposite one of those large red furnace-things that Jack can interact with. Just next to the Silverback (which you can hop in and use to fight off the Swarm), you’ll find this schematic on the left by the window and monitor.
  • Oscar Diaz COG Tags – After the fight’s over and Kait and Del find themselves in a dark room. Look over to the bench that Del is stood next to. This should be by a red cabinet. On the other side of this cabinet is another bench with the COG tags collectible on top.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 2 Collectibles

  • Islander’s Lost Earring – In this chapter, things open up into a more open-world area. You’ll pass through a few large gates, and at the second one, you’ll find an old truck that’s crashed in the snow just before the gate. On the floor next to this you can find the lost earring by a corpse and a Torque Bow.
  • Grindlift Maintenance Notes – After heading down the narrow path from the settlement, head directly north when it opens out and you should find a Train Tunnel. It’ll be marked on your map with the Swarm/ Locust symbol. Once inside, head to the very end of the tunnel and you’ll have to fight a Carrier. After beating that, head inside the train carriage it spawned by to get this Gears 5 collectible.
  • Faded Photograph – From this last collectible, follow the train tracks out of the tunnel and it’ll take you slightly east, more into the center north of this open area. When you reach the train car on its own, head inside and you’ll find a faded photograph by a hunched up corpse in the corner.
  • Lena’s Journal – On your way to New Hope (your main objective), you’ll come across an Outsider Campsite literally on the walk up to it. Right by the tent, you’ll find Lena’s Journal on the ground by a kettle. This also starts the ‘Lost Outsiders‘ side mission.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 3 Collectibles

  • Intercepted Letter – At the start of this chapter, when you’re in the reception area in the frosted-over lab, head to the right of the reception desk and into the room by the giant metal door. The intercepted letter is on your right, just by this door.
  • Sovereign Directive 10345 – Kait and Del will then drop down a hole, further into the facility. When you do, take a right and you’ll come across a long room with a bunch of what looks like cells either side. Turn right, and then make your way to the very end of the corridor where you’ll find a locked door on your right. Use Jack to open the door by looking at the keypad to the left of it, and then you’ll find the collectible by the X-ray screen on the right.
  • Patient Analysis AX-331-2 – Head back out of the room we just got the Directive in, and turn right. There’ll be a ton of medical equipment and hospital beds/ stretchers on your left. In between the first and second of these, you’ll find yet another of Gears 5’s collectibles on a table.
  • Patient Analysis EV-184-9 – Go out of this room through the door in the opposite corner you came into it, and you’ll see a room directly across the corridor with a load of kids’ drawings on the wall. Jump through the broken window into the observation area, and you’ll find the analysis on a desk to your left.
  • Patient Analysis RK-619-4 – Continue on and drop down the ledge until you reach another narrow corridor that seems to go on for a bit. On your right, you’ll come across a room with a corpse on a table. On the little tray to the left of the corpse is the patient analysis.
  • Timeworn Data Drive – After you’re tasked with finding Niles’ AI, you’ll make your way through a room with a bunch of servers on the left and computer hardware on the right. On a desk on the right, opposite the servers, you’ll find the data drive.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations

  • Letter to Momma – From the East Comm Tower in the far east of this open world area, head northwest until you reach a cliff and can spot a tank that’s all frozen up. Climb up the little ledge up towards the tank to find this letter on a crate by an old oil lamp.
  • Security Memorandum – During the Lost Outsiders side mission (check our guide above), you’ll have to head to the East Comm Tower and the substation right by the start of the path before the tower. Get Jack to open the door and you’ll find a corpse in the back room. Directly opposite, in the corner next to the lockers, you’ll find the Security Memorandum.
  • Krav’s Locust Tag – For this one, you want to head to the northwest section of this new part of The Valley open world that you’ve gained access to in this chapter. You should spot a yellow flag that indicates a side mission you can complete. To the left of this flag, you’ll find some wreckage on the floor with a corpse by it. The tag is by the corpse.
  • Grindlift Actuator Component – Head past the yellow flag and up into the Old Derrick site that we’ve just discovered with the last Gears 5 collectible. Crawl through the gap in the machinery, and clear out the enemies. Once you do, head to the back of the area and you’ll find an old grindlift. Get Jack to open the yellow panel on the grindlift on your right when you climb up to get this actuator component.
  • Lena’s Scribbles – While you’re in this corner of the map, head to the North Comm Tower marked on your map as a main objective. Just before heading down the path, there’s a substation on your right. Go over to this, and look at the keypad to find Lena’s Scribbles. If you’ve got the Security Memorandum already as well, it’ll allow you to open this door to complete the ‘Lost Outsiders’ mission.
  • Orders from Ketor Skorge – Head northeast from the Old Derrick site we just visited into the very corner of this open world section to find another Derrick site. It’s right by a massive chunk of ice, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. Head through the gap between the smaller chunks of ice to access the side mission, but before climbing over the machinery right in front of you, you can find a corpse just underneath a bit of machinery and on cracked ice. The orders are on the corpse.
  • Grindlift Radiator Component – Just like the last Old Derrick site in this chapter, complete the side mission here and get Jack to bust open the yellow panel on the grindlift at the back to get the radiator component.
  • Frayed-Pouncer-Tooth Necklace – At some point during this chapter, whether you want to or not, you’ll end up having to explore the Abandoned Mines right at the bottom of this larger open world section in The Valley. After heading down the path and just outside the entrance of the mine, you’ll come across a tower right in front of you. Head up to the top of it to find a Hammerburst and this collectible lying in a pool of blood.
  • Nethercutt Mining Poster – When you reach a locker room within the mines before you drop down further towards the mission objective on your left, go into the room on your right instead. You should see some storage shelving, but ignore this, walk into the room, and turn back around to face back out towards the locker room. To the left of the door, you’ll find this poster shining away.
  • Nethercutt Miner’s Journal – Head further into the mine once again until you reach a room with what looks like a well in the center of it, and a bunch of pods and gross Swarm stuff strewn everywhere. Head into the room on your left to find a bunk bed in the corner with a table right next to it. The journal is on the table.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 5 Collectibles Locations

  • Nethercutt Helmet – When you’re right outside the Mount Kadar facility doors, turn around and head back through the narrow path and towards large containers. Turn right again and down the little hill here to find a body of frozen water, the helmet is right in the center of it.
  • Subject Analysis UL-119-2 – After helping Niles turn off the leaking cryotubes in the room with the Swarm in tanks, go back to where you entered this room and hug the right wall. Go up the walkway which leads to a door you can kick open. On the back wall, you’ll find another collectible, as well as a yellow panel Jack can rip open for Components.
  • Subject Analysis TE-872-3 – After a cutscene, you should regain control of Kait right in front of a yellow tube. Look down on the floor to your right to find this collectible.
  • Lexigram Board – When you’re told to make use of the Jack’s Stim ability to pass through ice-cold rooms with frozen corpses, look for the generator on your left-hand side that Jack can interact with. Right next to this, you’ll find the Lexigram Board on the floor by a corpse.
  • Subject Analysis EV-184-9 – Shortly after this, you’ll have to chase after Niles because he’s a dick… basically. You’ll eventually come to a large office room with a bunch of scientific equipment on the left, and a cryo tube blasting ice out right next to it. Walk over to the desk to find this collectible on the side.
  • Sketchbook – When you reach the room with the control panel overlooking the Matriarch’s chamber with a corpse hunched over it. Head through the door behind this with the rocking horse on the ground. Just to the left on the floor you’ll find this Sketchbook.

Gears 5 Act 3 Chapter 1 Collectibles Locations

  • Corisku Newspaper – As soon as you start Act 3 Chapter 1 and regain control of Kait, walk to the left end of the bar to find the first of Gears 5’s collectibles in this act.
  • Doomed Empire, By Logan Hobbs – From that end of the bar, look towards the other end, and take the door in the far right corner. Head down the stairs and into a lobby area. Head straight towards the baggage claim area at the back of this room (by the painting of the plane on the wall), to find this collectible on the right, by a beige bag right next to the large pile of boxes with the lightning symbol on them.
  • Missive to Agent 9 – From that last collectible, turn back around, go left through the security gates, and turn right. Head through the door straight ahead of you by the terminals to find a little office. In the back left corner, you’ll find this on a desk.
  • Nomad’s Creed – When you head outside to speak to Paduk, rather than speaking to him, head left past the green container and then take an immediate right. You should now see a table with some flashing objects right by a tent. The Nomad’s Creed collectible is on the table.
  • The Astounding Lightning Rangers! – When you’re outside and the Skiff is in front of you, look for the aircraft parked up by some hangars. Head into the middle hangar to find this collectible on some racking to the left of the aircraft inside.

Gears 5 Act 3 Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations

  • Hammer of Dawn Command Case – When you enter the first control room at the rocket plant (it’ll be dark and have a rocket model on the table in the center), you’ll want to head over to the right-hand side of the room to find a corpse with the command case next to them.
  • OZP-11 Termination Directive – In the next area from the last collectible, head down the stairs to your right and then do a U-turn back on yourself so you’re basically underneath the orange platform that you’re supposed to be using to complete the main objective. You’ll find the directive on a bunch of oil drums by some computer terminals.
  • UIR Space Mission Brief – Head across the gap with the orange platform and you’ll eventually come to a room where you can drop down and either eliminate a bunch of enemies stealthily (we’re looking at you, Rejects), or just gun ’em all down. Once they’re cleared, head to the other side of the room from where you came in and take the stairs in the right corner over the mantle. Enter the room and go right to the back to find this brief on the table underneath the schematic on the wall.
  • Loyalist Order from Major Toly – Continue on until you reach a room with the rocket in the center of the room (being carried by an orange machine), and a giant circular door in the far wall. Jump over the sandbags in the corner to your right where you first enter this room to find the loyalist order on top of the green boxes.
  • Major Toly UIR Tag – Keep on going through some corridors until you reach a room with a ton of red sand and a giant tank in front of you. Major Toly’s corpse can be found propped up against the tank with his tag in his lap.
  • The Major’s Speech – Make your way further through the mission until you reach a narrow corridor that’s pretty dark with a small set of stairs you need to head down. Turn left through the crumbled wall and you’ll see two large tables in front of you. On the left-hand table is the Major’s Speech.
  • Lieutenant Melich UIR Tag – You’ll eventually end up outside, traveling across the desert and reaching the Turntable Station as you try and bring the rocket to its destination. You’ll head into a room at the end of a long walkway as part of your objective and get Jack to interact with a terminal. Directly opposite this terminal, in the dark corner, you’ll find the tag on a barrel.

Gears 5 Act 3 Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations

  • Nomad’s Sketchbook – During the ‘Waterworks’ side mission in the open world section of the desert, you’ll eventually come to a Water Tower in the west of this open world area. After clearing it out of enemies, head to the room at the end of this area. There’s an NPC inside, but in the back left corner you’ll find the sketchbook.
  • UIR LC Circuit A1 – From the water tower, follow the ridge on your map east until you come across the City Ruins. Jack will bust open the door and you’ll have to clear some more enemies. You’ll eventually reach a desk with a bunch of computer equipment and terminals on it. The circuit is on this table.
  • Well-Worn Vasgari Flag – On your way out of the City Ruins from the last collectible, head right through the open way and across the crumbling bridge of sorts. As soon as you walk through what was another doorway, look at the wall over your right shoulder to find this hanging up.
  • Fallen Loyalist UIR Tag – For this, you’re going to want to return to the Rocket Hangar that we were exploring in chapter 2. It’s in the east side of the map. Right outside the hangar, you can find a corpse propped up against a huge stone block. Pick up his tags for another of Gears 5’s collectibles.
  • Loyalist Orders to Lieutenant Melich – Head south of the Harbor Docks over on the west side of the open-world area of the desert. You should spot three wrecked tanks out in the open desert. Go to the one furthest left if you’re looking at the bridge you had to interact with during the last chapter to transport the rocket. Right in front of this, by a corpse, you’ll find the loyalist orders on the floor.
  • UIR LC Circuit C1 – From the Rocket Hangar in the northeast corner, follow the train tracks south until you reach the Artillery Battery. You’ll go here as part of the ‘Scavengers’ side mission for Paduk. After clearing out the enemies, head inside the building with the Swarm veins growing all over it. Go up the stairs inside to find the circuit on the table right in front of you.
  • Emergency Loyalist Radiogram – Literally in the same room as the last collectible. Walk around the left side of the table as you’ve come up the stairs and over to the terminal by the window to find this one.
  • RNV Borascu Captain’s Log – As part of the same ‘Scavengers’ side mission, you’ll visit the Cargo Shipwreck just northeast of the Artillery Battery. Drop down off the container into the open area and hug the containers all the way around the right until you find an open one. Head inside to find the captain’s log by a corpse.
  • UIR LC Circuit B1 – From that container, head back out and continue going in an anti-clockwise direction until you reach a pillar with some stairs behind it. Head up the stairs and pick up the circuit off the ground next to a corpse.
  • Lightmass Missile Fragment – Now that we’ve got those pesky open-world collectibles out of the way from Act 3, we can focus on the rest in this chapter. Head to the Cosmonaut Training Facility as part of your main objective, and then instead of going through the giant hole in the side of the building itself, go right and walk right down this dead-end to the large wall. You’ll find the missile fragment on the floor.
  • Captain Tagger UIR Tag – Go inside the Cosmonaut Training Facility and keep heading through until you reach a room with a giant centrifuge in the middle. This will break and open up a massive gap in the wall. Your main objective is literally right here, but instead of interacting with that, look in the pool of blood on the floor and to the left of it by the rubble you’ll find this tag.
  • Fallen Nomad’s Visor – After you’re done in the Cosmonaut Training Facility, you’ll then be told to go and help out the Nomad Convoy that’s been ambushed. Upon arriving here, you’ll find a turned-over truck on your left. On the right, you’ll find a tank. In front of this tank on the right-hand side, you’ll find the visor on the floor.

Gears 5 Act 4 Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

  • Encyclopedia of Tyran Military History – After you’re helped up into a building by a certain someone in a giant mech, you’ll have to head down a staircase on your way to the next objective. At the bottom of the stairs, on the right side of the bank of desks, you’ll find this on the floor.
  • Ruptured Gear Helmet – When you get outside, head right instead of left (where your main objective is), and right to the end of the road. On the left, you’ll find this Gears 5 collectible.
  • Minh Young Kim COG Tags – Before you head inside the tomb to help out Paduk, hug the right wall outside, past the ambulance and wrecked car. In front of this car, you’ll find the tags stabbed into a bit of rock.
  • Restoration Notice: Tomb of the Unknowns – Right before you kick the door open to enter the tomb, you’ll spot the restoration notice on the right-hand side. It’s a big flashing yellow poster, so it’s pretty tricky to miss.

And there you have all Gears 5 collectibles locations in the campaign. A quick credit here to Maka91Productions on YouTube whose collectible locations guide helped us pick off the final few we were missing.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Gears 5 guide wiki.

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