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FIFA 20: What Time FUT Champs Rewards Go Live

FIFA 20 FUT Champs rewards times

FIFA 20: What Time FUT Champs Rewards Go Live

FIFA 20 has finally released, bringing the updated team rosters, kits, and a whole bunch of tweaks and additions to the core gameplay experience to make it the ultimate soccer sim. FUT Champs is a huge part of the Ultimate Team experience, and as such some players may be wondering what time FUT Champs rewards go live in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 FUT Champs Rewards Release Times

FUT Champs rewards are awarded to players who partake in the FUT Champs event that takes place over weekends and must be qualified for earlier that week.

Depending on how you do over the 40 games required to be played in FUT Champs, your rewards from the mode can vary from one or two packs or a few thousands coins, up to hundreds of thousands of coins and some packs that’ll net you some incredibly rare player cards.

We’re still waiting to officially confirm this, but from what we can gather, FIFA 20’s rewards release times look set to be the same as last season. This was the release time every Thursday in the following time zones.

Time ZoneFUT Champs Rewards Release
Eastern4:00 AM
Pacific1:00 AM
GMT (UK)9:00 AM

How to Claim Your Rewards

After this time, you’ll then be able to log into your Ultimate Team and reclaim your rewards via the web app, mobile app, or by loading up the game on your platform of choice.

Upon logging into Ultimate Team, it’s then simply a case of going on over to the mode’s tile. It should say something along the lines of “Your FUT Champs rewards are ready to be claimed.”

Keep pressing X/A/B to go through the screen and eventually they’ll go to your Store tab for you to open whenever you’re ready.

That’s everything you need to know on FIFA 20’s FUT Champs reward times. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the most recent entry in the series, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki, or check out more of our guides below.

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