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Destiny 2 Redditor Gives Fans a Peek Into the Possible PvE Meta Changes for Shadowkeep

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Destiny 2 Redditor Gives Fans a Peek Into the Possible PvE Meta Changes for Shadowkeep

A redditor by the name of IAMADragonAMAA, has put together an impressive spreadsheet, posted yesterday on the DestinyTheGame reddit that details what the post Lunafaction Boots and auto-reload world in Destiny 2 might look like.

I emphasize might because, as IAMADragonAMAA points out, this does not include the buffs that Bungie announced the other day. It also does not take into account what the future raid encounters will actually be, obviously, since no one besides Bungie actually knows what they are yet. Finally, it doesn’t take into account, well, anything else Bungie hasn’t told us yet which is probably a lot. So definitely take all of this with a grain of salt.

For example, for all we know a raid boss could have no crit spots, or move around to the point where hitting them consistently is not realistic, which would change things up dramatically.

Still, it’s interesting data that should tell us something.

These tests were done on Kalli in the Last Wish raid and provide numbers for burst DPS and sustained DPS. Basically, which guns preform well in short bursts of damage, and which ones will do well when accounting for various reload speeds/buffs.

There’s a lot of great info and discussion going on in the Reddit thread, so I encourage interested players to go give the spreadsheet a look for themselves, click around, and then head on over to DestinyTheGame to catch up and participate in the conversation.

IAMADragonAMAA does however, give a TLDR version for some of the more notable findings from their research:

Heavy grenade launchers will survive these changes, but special grenade launchers will take a big hit under these conditions.

Not too shockingly, rapid fire weapons preform a lot better in the post Luna/Well world in Destiny 2, as they can keep their sustained DPS much higher than other weapon archetypes.

Snipers preform extremely well, and Whisper of the Worm should be back in the high life again, alongside Izanagi’s Burden.

Some currently off meta exotics such as Coldheart, Legend of Acrius, Tarrabah, and Sleeper Simulant will likely come out of these Shadowkeep changes looking pretty good in PvE.

And finally, if they can be safely be used, Swords might be a thing now in high-end PvE situations.

That’s what I found most interesting from IAMADragonAMAA’s work, but definitely give the Reddit post a look, and check out the spreadsheet to see how your favorite Destiny 2 weapons and exotics preformed under these conditions.

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