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Destiny 2: Best Weapons for PvE, Raids 2019


Destiny 2: Best Weapons for PvE, Raids 2019

Destiny 2’s current meta goes through twists and turns as weapons rise in popularity, dominate the raid meta, and then get nerfed. In this guide we’re going to run through the best weapons for PvE and raids in Destiny 2. We’ll start with Legendary weapons and then dive into the best exotic weapons for PvE and raid content as well.

Best Legendary Weapons for PvE & Raids in Destiny 2

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First off, it’s worth just getting out of the way that in Destiny 2, most stuff can be cleared with almost any weapon if you’re good enough. We’re just passing along weapon loadout ideas that offer you the path of least resistance.

As it stands right now as of the Season of Opulence, the meta heavily favors grenade launchers with Spike Grenades, hence while they are so prevalent on this list. Otherwise, a lot of the current best legendary weapons for PvE come from pinnacle weapons quests.

Recluse is still an absolute monster in PvE, and after the fusion rifle buff, Loaded Question is one of the most powerful weapons as well. If you can’t get some of the pinnacle weapons, Bygones is a great pulse that isn’t hard to obtain. Badlander is a solid replacement for Ikelos (which is still good even after the nerf).

Although not listed here, Midnight Coup & Austringer are both great Hand Cannons as well if you can’t get your hands on Spare Rations, you really can’t go wrong with any of those if you like Hand Cannons.

There’s a lack of Sniper Rifles here, as there isn’t a super clear winner in PvE at the moment, at least not until we see how they are adjusted again for Shadowkeep. But whatever you like using in PvP, should be fine in PvE. Revoker is an interesting choice if you’re not a crack shot.

  • 21% Delirium (LMG, Arc Power) – Gambit pinnacle weapon obtained from the Drifter after completing the triumph “Notorious Hustle.”
  • Badlander (Shotgun, Arc Energy) – Obtained via random drops from Legendary Engrams and rank-up packages.
  • Breakneck (Auto Rifle, Kinetic) – Obtained via Gambit pinnacle weapon obtained from the Drifter after completing the quest “Breakneck.”
  • Bygones (Pulse Rifle, Kinetic) – Obtained via random drops after Gambit matches or from rank-up packages from the Drifter.
  • Hammerhead (LMG, Void Power) – Forgeable Black Armory weapon frame received from Ada-1.
  • Ikelos_SG (Shotgun, Solar Energy) – Possible drop from wave 7 Escalation Protocol final bosses.
  • Loaded Question (Fusion Rifle, Arc Energy) – Obtained via the Vanguard pinnacle weapon quest, “Loaded Question” from Zavala
  • Recluse (SMG, Void Energy) – Obtained via “The Stuff of Myth” pinnacle weapon quest from Lord Shaxx.
  • Spare Rations (Hand Cannon, Kinetic) – Possible drop from Gambit Prime matches and successful Reckoning runs.
  • Swarm of the Raven (Grenade Launcher, Void Energy) – Possible reward from Iron Banner rank-up packages.
  • The Mountaintop (Grenade Launcher, Kinetic) – Obtained via “The Mountaintop” pinnacle weapon quest from Lord Shaxx.
  • Wendigo GL3 (Grenade Launcher, Arc Power) – Obtained via Vanguard pinnacle weapon quest from Commander Zavala.
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