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Astral Chain: How to Unlock Secret Boss (Aether)

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Astral Chain: How to Unlock Secret Boss (Aether)

Astral Chain makes it pretty clear from the get-go that you’ll be facing tons of ridiculous bosses, and that’s true right up to the final boss. However, there’s actually one secret boss to uncover in the game. With that, here’s how to unlock the secret boss (Aether) in Astral Chain.

How to Unlock the Secret Boss (Aether) in Astral Chain

Once you beat the main game of Astral Chain, meaning completing all 11 Files, you can reload your save and start File 12, which serves as a kind of epilogue. Before you can even think about getting to the secret boss, you’ll need to do this.

Once you’re back in Neuron HQ in File 12 you can talk to Olive to undertake a number of challenging combat missions. These missions give you pre-set items and revives, and pit you against challenging groups of enemies.

In order to get to the secret boss, Aether, you’ll need to clear a whopping 69 combat missions, and get to the final one, mission 70.

This fearsome boss is the deadliest foe you’ll face in the entire game, so make sure you’ve leveled up all of your weapons and Legatus all the way, and have done most of Legion Learning.

To summarize

  1. Play all the way through Astral Chain and reload your clear date to start File 12.

  2. Talk to Olive in Neuron HQ to undertake combat missions.

  3. Play through and complete all 69 combat missions to unlock the one with the secret boss, Aether.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock the secret boss (Aether) in Astral Chain.

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