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RAD: How to Rank Up Fast

RAD, How to Rank Up Fast

RAD: How to Rank Up Fast

Raising your rank is the key to unlocking new characters, mutations, and items in RAD, so you’re probably going to hit a point sooner or later where you want to learn how to rank up fast.

After all, as fun as it can be to grind your way through run after run hoping you’ll make it to the end each time, it ‘s nice to know that you’re making noticeable and substantial progress toward opening up more of the game.

Thankfully, we’ve done the leg work and deciphered a few strategies you can use to get your rank up fast and unlock more of what RAD has to offer in no time flat.

How to Rank Up Fast in RAD

How to Get Kill Streaks

First and foremost, it’s important to note that your rank is determined by how well you do during each run. This is impacted by everything from how many enemies you kill to the tricks you pulled off while dashing around the wasteland.

To really drive up your rank score, however, you’ll want to amass Kill Streaks. These are awarded to you for killing multiple enemies in a limited amount of time, and can drive up your rank score incredibly quickly.

To that end, keep an eye out for clusters of enemies that you can dispatch in quick succession. In particular, watch out for clusters of ground crawlers or bats, as these enemies can be killed in one hit.

How to Complete more Runs in RAD

Otherwise, your best bet for getting your rank up fast is to complete runs in RAD as often as possible.

This can be difficult to do when you have bad luck in terms of what mutations you get, but a successful run in RAD will always yield more rank points than one where you die.

To that end, don’t be afraid to slow down and assess your situation whenever needed; think carefully about how best to use your mutations in tandem, and spend your tapes on healing items and new skills whenever you need to.

This should increase your chances of succeeding, and before long your rank level will be far and above where it was when you started.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to rank up fast.

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