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Pokemon Masters: How to Learn New Moves

Pokemon masters, how to learn new moves

Pokemon Masters: How to Learn New Moves

Pokemon Masters is the newest mobile game that’s co-developed by DeNA and The Pokemon Company, but instead of focusing on catching Pokemon like in Pokemon GO, Masters is all about three-on-three battles. Here’s how to learn new moves in Pokemon Masters.

How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters

When you first start out in Pokemon Masters, all of the sync pairs that you add to your team will only have one basic attack move to use, but there is a way to learn new moves so that you can switch things up during the heat of battle.

When you’re in the Pokemon Center, the main hub area of the game that has trainers all around, go and speak to Trinnia on the right side of the center. She’s the one with the green hair and is holding what appears to be a coffee cup.

She’ll be the person to go to for all of your team-based needs such as team edits, leveling up Pokemon, increasing potential, and most importantly, learning new moves and skills.

If you press the option called ‘Moves & Skills,’ it’ll then show you all of your current sync pairs and their levels. Press on the pair that you want to improve and then the move you want to unlock and the game will show you what you need.

Usually, to unlock the first move on the bottom-left slot, you’re gonna need five Training Machines; these are obtained by simply playing through the main story or by exchanging coins at the shop in the Pokemon Center.

The shop is on the left side and can be opened by speaking to Tricia, the blue-haired woman.

So, to sum things up:

  1. Speak to Trinnia in the Pokemon Center to go to the Moves & Skills menu.

  2. Press on the sync pair that you want to improve and then press on the move to unlock it.

  3. To unlock it, you will need Training Machines and some other items for stronger moves.

  4. You can also exchange coins at the shop to unlock Training Machines or go through the main story.

And that is all you need to know about how to learn new moves in Pokemon Masters. For more on the mobile title, please be sure to search Twinfinite for tips, tricks, and guides.

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