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Man of Medan: How Many Playthroughs to Get the Platinum & All Trophies (Achievements)


Man of Medan: How Many Playthroughs to Get the Platinum & All Trophies (Achievements)

If you’re a fan of 100%’ing games, then chances are Man of Medan’s various decisions and endings might have you worried. Here’s how many playthroughs you’ll need to get the platinum and all trophies and achievements in Man of Medan.

How Many Playthroughs to 100% Man of Medan

Cutting right to the chase, you’re going to be looking at about four to five playthroughs depending on how you choose to play.

First things first, Man of Medan has four different endings that we’ve uncovered. These vary between having all of the group die, and having all of them survive, as well as variations on how they end up escaping or meeting their final fate.

Next, you’ll have to keep in mind that there are trophies and achievements in Man of Medan for finishing the game on your own, in the Shared Story mode, as well as the Movie Night mode. That means you’ll have to play at least three separate playthroughs to get all of these.

However, if you’re clever, you can tie-in your playthroughs of the games in these modes with picking off some of the endings you’ve not yet seen.

Man of Medan Trophy & Achievement Cleanup

After you’ve got all of the trophies and achievements for getting all of the different endings and playing in the various modes, you’ll then need to play through in Curator’s Cut mode in order to get the final Secrets and Pictures that you cannot get in the Theatrical Cut.

You may also have some trophies or achievements for unlocking a certain character’s particular trait, maxing out two character’s relationship, or choosing all Heart or Head decisions.

From our calculations, then, you’ll need four playthroughs in total in order to get every trophy and achievement that Man of Medan has to offer.

Combine your different ‘mode’ playthroughs with the various endings, and tie your Curator’s Cut playthrough for grabbing all of the collectibles with one of these, too.

That’s everything you need to know on how many playthroughs you need to 100% Man of Medan. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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