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Apex Legends: How to Complete Iron Crown Challenges


Apex Legends: How to Complete Iron Crown Challenges

A new Apex Legends event called the Iron Crown event is live in the game and it brings a wealth of challenges for players to compete on their pursuit of the ultimate battle royale victory. Because they’re new, the Iron Crown challenges within the event might be confusing, but that’s okay because we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to complete Iron Crown Challenges in Apex Legends.

Here’s How to Compete Iron Crown Challenges in Apex Legends

In the new Iron Crown event, there are five challenges for Apex Legends players to complete. We’ll break down each of those five challenges to help ensure you get as many Crowns, which allow you to purchase special limited cosmetic items, as you can get.

Challenge: Go through Octane’s Gauntlet Ring of Fire while wearing armor

After the latest update that inputted the event into the game, a new area on the map was added known as the Gauntlet area. Here, Octane has brewed up something special for players.

In the bottom left corner of the map, you should spot a named location that says “Gauntlet.” Head here.

Directly in the middle of this area is a giant ring that’s on fire in between two ramps. To complete this challenge, you need to jump through this ring while wearing armor.

Fortunately, at the top of each ramp is a considerable amount of loot including armor. Put some on, head down the ramp and hop through the ring to complete this challenge.

Challenge: Get 50 Kills

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Kill 50 enemy players to complete this challenge.

Challenge: Get a Top 5 Finish in a Solo match

Another self-explanatory one, this challenge requires you to come in the top five of a solo match one time. This will require some skill as you can’t rely on teammates but with some great shooting or even better camping, you can get this done in no time.

Challenge: Deal 25,000 Damage

Shoot enemies to inflict damage and after you’ve inflicted a grand total of 25,000, you’ll have completed this challenge.

Challenge: Complete 20 Daily Challenges

Every day, new daily challenges are posted in Apex Legends. Complete 20 of these daily challenges to compete this Iron Crown challenge.

That’s it for our guide on how to complete Iron Crown Challenges in Apex Legends.

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